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Neil Fox

Memory Forensics for Incident Response

When responding to a cybersecurity incident I’ve always found memory forensics to be a great skill to have. By capturing the memory of a compromised device you can quickly perform...

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Process Hacker: Advanced Task Manager Overview

Process Hacker is a great tool for monitoring and investigating processes created by a piece of malware. It is a popular malware analysis tool amongst security professionals as it can...

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Cuckoo Sandbox Overview

A Cuckoo Sandbox is an open-source tool that can be used to automatically analyze malware. Imagine, it’s 2 am in the Security Operations Center (SOC) and an alert has triggered...

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How to Analyze Malware with x64dbg

This is the fourth and final article in a series of blog posts that serve as an x64dbg tutorial. In this article, we will be taking all the knowledge we...

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YARA Rules Guide: Learning this Malware Research Tool

YARA rules are used to classify and identify malware samples by creating descriptions of malware families based on textual or binary patterns. In this article I will cover: How YARA...

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Stack Memory: An Overview (Part 3)

Stack memory is a section in memory used by functions to store data such as local variables and parameters that will be used by the malware to perform its nefarious...

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How to Use Autoruns to Detect and Remove Malware on Windows

Understanding how to use Autoruns means you may be able to detect if your home PC is infected with unwanted software. Note: This article is intended to illustrate how malware...

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How to Unpack Malware with x64dbg

In a previous blog post, I explained what x64dbg is and also broke down some of the features of the tool and why they are useful for malware analysis. This...

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What is x64dbg + How to Use It

x64dbg is an open-source debugger for Windows that is a popular malware analysis tool. A debugger is used to step through code as it executes, so you can see exactly...

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11 Best Malware Analysis Tools and Their Features

Malware has become a huge threat to organizations across the globe. Something as simple as opening an email attachment can end up costing a company millions of dollars if the...

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