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We see the world of cybersecurity differently.

Varonis protects your data first, not last.

For many businesses, their most valuable data is also their most vulnerable data. 

Why? Cybersecurity didn’t start with data. It started at the borders, where attackers should be held at bay, far from precious data at the heart of the kingdom.

The security perimeter has vanished. Endpoints are fungible. Very little data lives only on your phone or laptop these days.

At Varonis, we protect data where it lives. Our platform is purpose-built to look deeply inside and around data—and then automate its protection using patented, battle-hardened machine learning.    

Our Story

In 2003 a large oil and gas company suffered a disaster. They spent millions of dollars capturing hi-resolution images of the ocean floor and stored them on their file servers. One day, these images disappeared. 

Were they accidentally deleted? Deliberately stolen? Instead of finding answers, two security and systems experts found that there was no record of what had happened, and no easy way to even narrow down the suspects. 

From this potential disaster these experts saw opportunity. Data was becoming more valuable than ever, and organizations were becoming more dependent on it. File systems were growing exponentially in complexity and size, but the faster organizations created data, the less they knew about its security.


In 2005, those same experts—Yaki Faitelson and Ohad Korkus—founded Varonis to give organizations more visibility and control over their critical data.

Fast-forward to today. Security breaches and ransomware dominate the headlines. What are attackers after? Data. Data that’s stored everywhere and anywhere, subject to harsher, high-stakes regulations.  And that’s why every CEO, management team, and board of directors is focusing on protecting data first, not last.

Varonis is headquartered in New York City, with offices around the world.






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