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Insights and analysis on cyber security, privacy, and data protection from the world’s leader in data-centric security.

Threat Update 63 – Moving To The Cloud Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Own The Data Risk

Leveraging cloud solutions can alleviate some legacy infrastructure risks but can bring data protection challenges to the forefront. Kilian Englert and Ryan O’Boyle from the Varonis Cloud Architecture team discuss...

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How to Install and Import Active Directory PowerShell Module

Are you tired of managing Active Directory using the graphical interface? Then you might be interested in the Active Directory PowerShell module! This module gives you the ability to manage...

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Einstein’s Wormhole: Capturing Outlook & Google Calendars via Salesforce Guest User Bug

If your organization uses Salesforce Communities and Einstein Activity Capture, you might have unknowingly exposed your administrator’s Outlook or Google calendar events to the internet due to a bug called...

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BlackMatter Ransomware: In-Depth Analysis & Recommendations

CISA has issued a security bulletin regarding the BlackMatter ‘big game hunter’ ransomware group following a sharp increase in cases targeting U.S. businesses. To mitigate these attacks, it is recommended...

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Update 62 – SaaS Authentication Monitoring Evasion

Businesses know they need to monitor their SaaS apps, but it’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security if you’re relying on authentication monitoring as your only...

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Salesforce Security: 5 Ways Your Data Could be Exposed

Salesforce is the lifeblood of many organizations. One of its most valuable assets—the data inside—is also its most vulnerable. With countless permission and configuration possibilities, it’s easy to leave valuable data exposed. That,...

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The MITRE ATT&CK Framework: A Comprehensive Guide

The MITRE ATT&CK framework is a global knowledge base hub for documenting various tactics and techniques that hackers use throughout the different stages of a cyberattack. The MITRE company began...

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Zero-Day Vulnerability Explained

There’s nothing hackers love more than picking low-hanging fruit in terms of systems weaknesses. And that’s exactly what a zero-day vulnerability attack does. A zero-day vulnerability is a software bug...

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Threat Update 61 – When Work and Home SaaS Use Blurs, Expect the Unexpected

Businesses can face unexpected risk as the lines between corporate and personal SaaS apps begin to blur – especially as users introduce sensitive or regulated content into a corporate SaaS...

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Illinois Privacy Law Compliance: What You Need to Know

The state of Illinois has recently passed several key pieces of legislation designed to bolster the data privacy rights and protections of residents. Illinois privacy law seeks to achieve similar...

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