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Data-centric user behavior analytics.

  • Detect anomalous data access
  • Stop insider threats and ransomware
  • Prevent data exfiltration

How it works


Varonis collects billions of events from the right data sources, unobtrusively, and without endpoint agents.



Then, we combine and enrich them with critical metadata.


We use AI to learn behavior baselines and profiles.


Our threat models alert on meaningful deviations.
Catch threats others miss.

Watching your data means attackers can’t hide. Varonis combines unique, hard-to-get ingredients to uncover threats as they traverse your network and target your data.

Fewer alerts, more answers.

End the scourge of false positives and endless tuning by replacing threshold-based alerts with machine learning. Our noise-cancelling behavior analytics ensures you’ll only get alerts that matter.

Don’t just detect, prevent.

With instant, automated responses, Varonis can perform surgical interventions to stop an attack in its tracks and limit damage. Connect Varonis to the XSOAR tools in your tech stack via API-based integrations for automated, efficient incident recovery. 

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Varonis has the highest-rated Insider Risk Management solution.

Key features

Auto account discovery

Privileged users, service accounts, and executives are automatically identified based on their behavior.

Device pairing

Users are auto-paired with their personal devices, making it easier to detect when an account has been compromised.

Continuous updates

Our data scientists continually introduce new behavior-based threat models to detect evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures used by APTs.

Integrated threat intelligence

URL reputation enrichment separates risky connections from normal ones.

Peer benchmarking

We benchmark each user against their peers and alert you when they deviate from normal activity for their role.

SIEM integration

Send hi-fidelity data-centric alerts to your SIEM for correlation via syslog, SNMP, or one of our ready-made connectors.

SOAR integration

Send high-fidelity, data-centric alerts to Cortex XSOAR to speed incident recovery and streamline investigations.

No-cost incident response and forensics team.

Our global team of security analysts is here to help all customers and trial users investigate any incident for free.

Forensics Team-2x3 2-1Forensics Team-2x3 2-1