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What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Why Should You Use It?

Two-factor authentication (2FA)  is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of your employees falling victim to an account takeover, potentially exposing your organization’s sensitive assets and...

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Salesforce Shield

For the seventh consecutive year, Salesforce maintains the lion’s share of the CRM ecosystem worldwide. Salesforce comprises 20% of all CRM instances worldwide used to manage and process customer data....

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Last Week in Ransomware: Week of August 2nd

You may have trained employees about phishing emails but are they properly trained about phony call centers? According to the Microsoft security blog, the BazaCall campaign seems to be more...

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Threat Update 49 – SeriousSAM & Black Hat 2021

Cybersecurity folks find themselves in a “Zero-Daze” as they get hit with another new 0-day attack, called SeriousSAM, that allows attackers to get access to the Windows Security Account Manager...

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What is Threat Modeling and How To Choose the Right Framework

Threat modeling is a key responsibility for any cybersecurity team that is looking to protect their organization and their organization’s assets. It’s designed to help cybersecurity teams proactively find and...

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Memory Forensics for Incident Response

When responding to a cybersecurity incident I’ve always found memory forensics to be a great skill to have. By capturing the memory of a compromised device you can quickly perform...

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Last Week in Ransomware: Week of July 26th

In previous weeks we mentioned that the group behind the REvil ransomware attack has vanished from the internet, which makes it particularly surprising that a universal decryption key has been...

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What is PSD2 Compliance and What Does it Mean for Your Business?

One of the newest regulations for payment services and processors is the European Union’s Payment Services Directive or PSD2. The PSD2 began taking effect in September of 2018 and is...

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Threat Update 48 – Using Google to Spot Exposed Data in the Cloud

Cloud data stores like Box and Google Workspace make sharing and collaborating easy and convenient. However, there can be hidden risks. Configuration settings for these services can be complex –...

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Last Week in Ransomware: Week of July 19th

This past week hasn’t seen quite as much activity as others, likely due to the new ransomware task force created in the US and the mysterious disappearance of REvil and...

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