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[Online Conference] Varonis Coffee Series: Unique Insights Into Data Security and Privacy

Compliance & Regulation, Data Security, Threat Detection

Looking for a different take on the data security landscape? Join our multi-disciplinary team of experts as they discuss the laws, ethics, and defensive techniques behind data protection and privacy. Over four Tuesdays starting March 12, you’ll be briefed on the intersection of red team thinking and diversity, how basic pen testing ideas can change your security practices, the secret Privacy by Design ingredient in GDPR compliance, and how to bring professional ethics into the data security lifecycle. 

And there will be coffee: we’re giving away $5 gift cards to the first 100 registrants!   

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Keynote videos start at 10:00 am US EST with a live Q&A afterwards. Check below for event registration.

March 12/Red Teaming: Working Better Together

Allison F. Avery, MA, Culture, People & Inclusion Development 

Allison F. Avery has nearly two decades experience focused on inclusion, engagement, leadership development and talent optimization through strategic planning, program development, facilitation, coaching and learning design. Presently, she has a senior role at a premier law firm, where she develops global talent and inclusion strategies. Her subject matter expertise is: emotional and cultural intelligence, empathic engagement, unconscious bias, and authentic leadership. 

In this virtual keynote, you’ll learn to: 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion, the definitions, barriers and dispel common myths  
  • Discuss the current state of diversity and inclusion efforts and perceptions in the technology industry 
  • Link the benefits of diversity with Red Team goals and performance outcomes 
  • Explore strategies for cultivating more diverse and inclusive Red Teams  

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March 19/Post-Exploitation Basics with Black Hills 

Brian Fehrman, Security Analyst, Black Hills Information Security

Brian has been interested in security from the time his family obtained their first computer. He found a passion for programming by learning to code, from there he learned to apply this knowledge to interacting with the physical world through signal processing, robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence.

Beau Bullock, Security Analyst 

Beau has held positions in the financial and health industries and has experience with all aspects of enterprise network security including penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, data loss prevention, wireless security, firewall management, and employee security training. Beau is a Hack Naked TV host, and frequent speaker at industry events. 

Derek Banks, Security Analyst

Derek has almost 20 years of experience in the Information Technology industry as a systems administrator for multiple operating system platforms and monitoring and defending those systems from potential intruders. He has worked in the aerospace, defense, banking, manufacturing, and software development industries. Derek has experience with forensics, incident response, creating custom host and network based monitoring solutions as well as penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, and threat modeling.

In this virtual keynote, Beau, Brian, and Derek will explain and demonstrate a few key pen testing ideas and techniques: 

  • Password spraying: going broad, but not deep
  • Hash roundup with Inveigh: gather them, break the easy ones, and then escalate to higher-privileged accounts
  • Finding passwords in, gasp, Active Directory fields
  • Unleashing Bloodhound to discover hidden security flaws in your AD environment
  • As well as the tools and methods to stop common post-exploitation attacks

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March 26/Ethics, Data Lifecycle and Vulnerabilities 

Dr. Gemma Gladon Clavell, Data, Ethics and Innovation Consultant, Eticas Research 

Dr. Gemma Galdon Clavell is a policy analyst working on surveillance, social, legal and ethical impacts of technology, smart cities, privacy, security policy, resilience and policing. She is a founding partner at Eticas Research & Consulting and a researcher at the Universitat de Barcelona’s Sociology Department. She completed her PhD on surveillance, security and urban policy in early 2012 at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where she also received an MSc in Policy Management, and was later appointed Director of the Security Policy Programme at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). She was a finalist for EU Woman Innovator of the Year.

In this virtual keynote, Dr. Clavell will explore:

  • The five major moments where data is most vulnerable
  • Applying an ethical framework to the data lifecycle
  • Turning ethics & data work into more than checklist exercise

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April 2/Privacy By Design Principles 

Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Distinguished Expert-in-Residence – Privacy by Design Centre of Excellence, Ryerson University 

Dr. Ann Cavoukian is recognized as one of the world’s leading privacy experts. Dr. Cavoukian served an unprecedented three terms as the Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada. There she created Privacy by Design, a framework that seeks to proactively embed privacy into the design specifications of information technologies, networked infrastructure and business practices, thereby achieving the strongest protection possible. In 2010, International Privacy Regulators unanimously passed a Resolution recognizing Privacy by Design as an international standard. Since then, PbD has been translated into 40 languages. 

In this virtual keynote, Dr. Cavoukian will explore:

  • The Seven Privacy by Design principles
  • How to implement PbD to meet GDPR and other compliance requirements
  • Cultivating strong data security measures in order to comply with the new wave of consumer privacy laws

Watch now:

Cindy Ng

Cindy Ng

Cindy is the host of the Inside Out Security podcast.


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