Stop Configuration Drift With Varonis

Stop configuration drift with Varonis' automated data security posture management platform. 
Nathan Coppinger
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Last updated May 1, 2024
stop configuration drift with Varonis

Organizations use SaaS applications and IaaS platforms for their convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. In these platforms, service providers are responsible for hosting, managing, and securing their underlying infrastructure.

However, the shared responsibility model places the onus on end-users to ensure the correct configuration of these platforms and applications. 

While these platforms offer flexibility, setting up a secure environment can be challenging, leading to significant security and compliance risks if not properly addressed.

Even after the initial setup, ongoing vigilance is crucial; configuration drift can occur unintentionally due to undocumented or unapproved changes made to the settings or when the provider updates the system and inadvertently alters system settings. 

According to IBM’s 2023 Cost of a Data Breach report, cloud misconfigurations are the third most common method of attack that threat actors use to breach organizations and steal data.

Most posture management tools on the market only surface issues in your environment but don’t offer any way to fix them. These solutions require you to set up workflows to delegate manual remediation actions for every issue they find.

With Varonis’ automated data security posture management platform, security teams can: 

  • Continuously monitor and surface misconfigurations across your critical SaaS and IaaS data stores 
  • Identify where configurations drift out of compliance with common frameworks and regulations
  • Immediately and automatically fix critical misconfigurations and data exposure 

Use Varonis’ security expertise to improve your data security posture. 

Varonis continuously monitors your critical SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Google Workspace, and Okta and cloud infrastructure, including AWS and Azure, to proactively surface and alert you to misconfigurations that may expose your sensitive data to risk and break compliance. 

The security posture dashboard not only looks for common security misconfigurations but also incorporates findings from the elite Varonis Threat Labs cybersecurity researchers, who regularly update misconfiguration risks as they discover them.

We’ll identify misconfigurations across your cloud environment as they occur, including:

  • Publicly exposed buckets and containers 
  • Missing password policies 
  • Excessive number of admins 
  • Missing MFA policies
  • And much more 


Automatically surface misconfigurations across your cloud environment. 

Identify and fix configuration drift to maintain compliance. 

Our posture management dashboard incorporates best practices and requirements from the Center of Internet Security, NIST, ISO, HIPAA, and Varonis’ Threat Labs team. The dashboard benchmarks your overall security posture against each framework to identify where your posture drifts out of compliance.


Varonis connects each misconfiguration to the relevant frameworks and regulations. 


Monitor and identify configuration drift. 

Not only does Varonis help identify configuration drift, but we’ll also help you fix issues so you can improve your data security posture and maintain compliance.

Varonis enables you to fix misconfigurations automatically and continuously using our automated posture management feature with zero impact to the business. 


Safely fix misconfigurations with one click. 

Alternatively, each configuration insight provides recommendations and detailed step-by-step instructions to fix the issue if manual intervention is preferred. 


Expand each insight to review Varonis’ recommendations on how to fix the issue. 

Monitor and improve your overall security posture. 

Varonis offers a centralized view of data security posture across cloud environments, helping organizations quickly identify where sensitive data may be at risk through excessive access, public exposure, misconfigurations, or third-party applications.

Using automation, Varonis enables organizations to improve their security posture effortlessly from a single pane of glass view. 

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