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Disabling PowerShell and Other Malware Nuisances, Part II

Whitelisting apps is nobody’s idea of fun. You need to start with a blank slate, and then carefully add back apps you know to be essential and non-threatening. That’s the...

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Disabling PowerShell and Other Malware Nuisances, Part I

Back in more innocent times, circa 2015, we began to hear about hackers going malware-free and “living off the land.” They used whatever garden-variety IT tools were lying around on...

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How to use PowerShell for WannaCry / WannaCrypt cleanup and prevention

Explosive ransomware infection rates of WannaCrypt/WannaCry have IT groups trying to mass diagnose, update and protect their machines. Thing is, that’s just not practical to do manually – for pretty...

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Practical PowerShell for IT Security, Part IV:  Security Scripting Platform (SSP)

In the previous post in this series, I suggested that it may be possible to unify my separate scripts — one for event handling, the other for classification — into...

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Practical PowerShell for IT Security, Part III: Classification on a Budget

Last time, with a few lines of PowerShell code, I launched an entire new software category, File Access Analytics (FAA). My 15-minutes of fame is almost over, but I was...

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Practical PowerShell for IT Security, Part II: File Access Analytics (FAA)

In working on this series, I almost feel that with PowerShell we have technology that somehow time-traveled back from the future. Remember on Star Trek – the original of course...

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Practical PowerShell for IT Security, Part I: File Event Monitoring

Back when I was writing the ultimate penetration testing series to help humankind deal with hackers, I came across some interesting PowerShell cmdlets and techniques. I made the remarkable discovery...

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The Difference Between Bash and Powershell

You don’t normally talk philosophy and IT when considering Bash and Powershell, but if it’s one thing I’ve learned over the past 20 years of sysadmin work it’s that whether...

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The Complete PowerShell Tool Roundup

A hand-curated list of 70 tools to power up your workflow. Ultimate PowerShell Prompt Customization and Git Setup Guide Let’s spend a little time installing ConEmu and Git, then customizing...

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Office 365 Migration: Enterprise Guide and Best Practices

Moving your company’s data to cloud-based storage is a big job, and we want to make sure you understand what it takes to ensure that your Office 365 data is...

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