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Kieran Laffan

EternalRocks leaves backdoor trojan for remote access to infected machines

What we know so far The WannaCry ransomware worm outbreak from last Friday week used just one of the leaked NSA exploit tools, ETERNALBLUE, which exploits vulnerabilities in the SMBv1...

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Why did last Friday’s ransomware infection spread globally so fast?

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts your data and asks for you to pay a ransom to restore access to your files. Cyber criminals usually request that the...

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Why UBA Will Catch the Zero-Day Ransomware Attacks (That Endpoint Protection Can’t)

Ransomware attacks have become a major security threat. It feels like each week a new variant is announced –Ransom32, 7ev3n. This malware may even be involved in the next big...

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SQL Server Best Practices, Part II: Virtualized Environments

It is 2016 and some people still think SQL Server cannot be run on a virtual machine. SQL Server can successfully run in a VM but SQL is resource-intensive by...

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SQL Server Best Practices, Part I: Configuration

Am I the only one who finds the Microsoft SQL server best practice guides to be a little painful to trawl through? Somehow, I doubt it. After being frustrated reading...

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A Brief History of Ransomware

Ransomware’s Early Days The first documented and purported example of ransomware was the 1989 AIDS Trojan, also known as PS Cyborg1. Harvard-trained evolutionary biologist Joseph L. Popp sent 20,000 infected...

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