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Kilian Englert

COVID-19 Threat Update #2

The coronavirus crisis presents a perfect storm for attackers. Routines have been upended, employees are remote, and many will work on unpatched personal devices.  It only takes one compromised remote...

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COVID-19 Threat Update #1

Varonis sees the highest number of VPN and O365 events ever recorded across customer base. Click to watch our security experts discuss what they’re seeing on the front lines, and what...

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[Podcast] Who is in Control? The Data or Humans?

Self-quantified trackers made possible what was once nearly unthinkable: for individuals to gather data on one’s activity level in order to manage and improve one’s performance. Some have remarked that...

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[Podcast] Security and Privacy Concerns with Chatbots, Trackers, and more

The end of the year is approaching and security pros are making their predictions for 2018 and beyond. So are we! This week, our security practitioners predicted items that will...

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[Podcast] Bring Back Dedicated and Local Security Teams

Last week, I came across a tweet that asked how a normal user is supposed to make an informed decision when a security alert shows up on his screen. Great...

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[Podcast] What Does the GDPR Mean for Countries Outside the EU?

The short answer is: if your organization store, process or share EU citizens’ personal data, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules will apply to you. In a recent survey,...

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[Podcast] Tracking Dots, Movement and People

Long before websites, apps and IoT devices, one primary way of learning and sharing information is with a printed document. They’re still not extinct yet. In fact, we’ve given them an...

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[Podcast] Security Pros and Users: We’re All in This Together

The latest release of SANS’ Security Awareness Report attributed communication as one of the primary reasons why awareness programs thrive or fail. Yes, communication is significant, but what does communication...

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[Podcast] Taking The Long View, Investing in Technology and Security

We’re living in exciting times. Today, if you have an idea as well as a small budget, you can most likely create it. This is particularly true in the technology...

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[Podcast] Presenting Cybersecurity Ideas to the Board

There’s been a long held stigma amongst our infosec cohort and it’s getting in the way of doing business. What’s the stigma, you ask? “Know-it-all” techies who are unable to...

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