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Andy Green

Windows 10 Authentication: The End of Pass the Hash?

Over the last year, Microsoft had been dropping lots of hints it would be reworking its authentication system in Windows 10. Multi-factors, support of FIDO, and the use of virtualization...

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Will the EU’s Data Protection Regulation Apply to Me?

One of the more complex issues that will have to be resolved with the new Data Protection Regulation (DPR) is what’s being called “extraterritoriality.” As proposed by EU Parliament, the...

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What is User Behavior Analytics?

There’s nothing new in using analytics in data protection or breach prevention. Firewalls, for example, analyze packet contents and other metadata, such as IP addresses, to detect and block attackers...

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Lessons from OPM: Turning Security Inside Out With User Behavior Analytics

The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) suffered a massive breach in early June. They publicly announced that the personally identifiable information or PII of over 4 million current and...

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SSL and TLS 1.0 No Longer Acceptable for PCI Compliance

In April of 2016, the PCI Council released version 3.1 of their Data Security Standard (DSS). While most of the changes in this minor release are clarifications, there is at...

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Seven Free Data Wrangling Tools

Reformatting, de-duping, merging, and filtering are just some of the functions that go under the broad category of data wrangling. It’s all the scrubbing and cleaning that data scientists apply...

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Privacy by Design Cheat Sheet

Privacy by Design (PbD) has been coming up more and more in data security discussions. Alexandra Ross, the Privacy Guru, often brings it up in her consultations with her high...

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Windows 10’s Security Reboot, Part III: FIDO and Beyond

FIDO’s Universal Two Factor (U2F) is intended to make it easy for companies to add a strong second factor to their existing crypto infrastructure. Most of us are probably not...

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Interview With Alexandra Ross, The Privacy Guru

Alexandra Ross is not your ordinary attorney practicing privacy law. Her CV includes a stint as Associate General Counsel for Wal-Mart Stores, where she built this giant retailer’s privacy policies...

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Windows 10’s Security Reboot, Part I: Authentication

There’s incredible excitement about the Windows 10 release. If you completely quantum leap over Windows 9, you’d expect big things. In December, I was talking with NYU-Poly’s Professor Justin Cappos....

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