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Last Week in Microsoft Teams: Week of March 1st

IT Pros

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Direct from Microsoft

This week Microsoft is hosting the Spring Microsoft Ignite 2021 conference. The Microsoft Teams blog provided a guide for everything Microsoft Teams at this free virtual event.

Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft Teams Panels. These devices sit outside a conference room and display the room’s availability and ad-hoc scheduling.

In a Microsoft 365 admin center post, Microsoft apologizes for rolling out a new video-only meeting stage experience without prior notification. In the new meeting experience, Teams prioritizes video-only participants in the 9×9 video grid even if those videos are not the dominant speakers. This change is meant to prioritize participant’s videos over those who are audio-only with their avatars.

Community Contributions

This week I outlined the new announcement feature available for Teams auto attendants. This feature eliminates the need to create multiple auto attendants and resource accounts just for playing announcements.

On the UC STatus YouTube channel, Randy Chapman shows how to use the camera control on Yealink Microsoft Teams Rooms. The Camera Connect feature adjusts settings, updates firmware, and creates camera presets.

Luca Vitali has a thorough write-up on the complex streaming scenarios with OBS, NDI, and Microsoft Teams.

Shoulun Wang documents several scenarios when encountering the error “cannot find specified gateway” with Teams Direct Routing. Definitely one to bookmark for future troubleshooting.

Vesa Nopanen showcases an upcoming feature for a webinar registration page and attendee dashboard for Microsoft Teams. Webinars in Microsoft Teams are a missing feature that Zoom currently has, so you know Microsoft will continue adding functionality to compete.

On the Microsoft Teams Community Blog, Modality Systems how they’ve helped customers use Microsoft Teams for Virtual Consultations. While helpful during the pandemic, virtual consultations solve other problems like lack of patient mobility, transport limitations, or fear of visiting a hospital.

Upcoming Events

Commsverse is planning an in-person Microsoft Teams conference for June 29th and 30th, 2021 in the U.K. Check out the full details in this announcement by Mark Vale.

Road Map and Message Center Updates

Message Center: Manage template access using template policies

Teams administrators can now control which Teams templates are available to their users. The new template policies show or hide templates when creating a new team.

Message Center: PowerShell support for team templates

Microsoft announces  PowerShell support for managing team templates. Commands include creating, editing, listing, and deleting team templates in the tenant.

Training Resources

Frustrating by the number porting process in Microsoft Teams? Learn best practices in this partner tech talk Microsoft Teams Telephone Number Porting – Best Practices.

Join Microsoft Technologist Harry Lowton in this quick YouTube tutorial on configuring Microsoft Teams audio and video settings.

Tip of the Week

The Skype for Business Online PowerShell module has been retired. Jeff Schertz provides apt guidance in a tweet on how to update the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module to get the new Skype Online commands.

jeff schertz tweet

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is a cloud engineer specializing in Microsoft technologies such as Office 365, Teams, Azure and PowerShell. You can find more of his content at


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