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SecurityRWD - Introduction to AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Concerning headlines about threat groups targeting major security and technology vendors are keeping more than a few security and IT professionals up at night. Kilian Englert and Ryan O'Boyle from the Varonis Cloud Architecture team discuss why advanced attackers target technology like SSO and why organizations must "assume" breach. Watch now for helpful tips to harden your environment and protect your data.
Kilian Englert
1 min read
Last updated April 7, 2022

Did you know you can rent virtual machines through Amazon Web Services, allowing you greater configurability in the cloud?

Join Kilian Englert and Ryan O'Boyle from the Varonis Cloud Architecture team as they compare and contrast AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to traditional on-prem virtualized servers. You'll learn how AWS EC2 shifts the hardware and hypervisor maintenance to Amazon in a shared responsibility model, while still requiring organizations to manage and protect the virtualized infrastructure itself.

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