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Watch: Varonis ReConnect! Defending Against Today’s Spookiest Malware

Cybersecurity News, Data Security, Threat Detection

Mummy Spider, Gh0st Rat, Gothic Panda — if you’re interested in learning how threat actors get their names, how they operate and what you can do to protect your company, you’ve come to the right place.

Click to watch Kilian and Matt walk through the TL;DR version of our “spooky” Virtual Varonis Connect! event. They cover attack trends and ransomware variants we’ve seen recently, and answer the best questions from our Connect! audience.

Check out the full version of the Spooky Ransomware webinar, or browse all the Varonis webinars, including the DNS Attack Demo mentioned in this video. And don’t miss the October 2020 Malware Trends Report.

👋If you have questions about securing your sensitive data from ransomware attacks on-prem and in the cloud, we’re here to help. Please reach out to the Varonis Incident Response Team.


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