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Real-time Alerting and Monitoring with Varonis DatAlert

Real-time Alerting and Monitoring with Varonis DatAlert

Today we’re happy to announce Varonis Data Governance Suite 5.9 beta, which includes the launch of Varonis DatAlert.  DatAlert improves your ability to detect possible security breaches, misconfigurations, and other issues, by providing customizable alerts in real-time.

With DatAlert you can:

  • Monitor sensitive configuration files on Windows and UNIX/Linux servers
  • Detect changes made outside of change control windows
  • Alert on access to highly sensitive data
  • Alert on privilege escalations
  • And much more

Receive immediate notifications on: 

  • Files accessed, modified, and/or deleted
  • Group membership, group policy and other Active Directory changes
  • Permissions changes
  • And much more

Get alerts the way you want them: 

  • Syslog, Event Log, SNMP, Email
  • Trigger command line execution
  • Easily integrate with SIEM and network management solutions

For a full list of the events that DatAlert can be configured to detect, click here.

Version 5.9 adds a number of additional features to the Data Governance Suite, including:

  • Compliance templates, and Updated Predefined Classification Rules
  • Additional DatAdvantage User Roles for better segregation of duties
  • Automatic Share Detection
  • Microsoft Server 2012 Support
  • Windows 8 Support for DatAdvantage GUI
  • Bulk Operations for Authorizers in DataPrivilege

Want to see 5.9 beta in action?  We’re doing a live webinar on Tuesday, September 24th at 2pm EDT.

Interested in trying it out?  We’ll install the Data Governance Suite and do a free 30 day data protection assessment for you.