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Last Week in Microsoft Azure: Week of June 7th

Azure announced the general availability of scale-out NVIDIA A100 GPU clusters. This addition gives Azure the fastest public cloud supercomputers on-demand in four Azure regions: East United States, West United...

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Cybersecurity Threats Resource Center

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving and knowing how to protect and the latest threat facing your organization is an ongoing battle. Your security department should stay on top of any...

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Threat Update 41 – Viewer Questions

At the end of each Threat Update episode, we invite the audience to ask questions or leave comments, so we took the opportunity to respond to a few. Join Kilian...

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Process Hacker: Advanced Task Manager Overview

Process Hacker is a great tool for monitoring and investigating processes created by a piece of malware. It is a popular malware analysis tool amongst security professionals as it can...

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Last Week in Microsoft Azure: Week of May 31st

Need to get caught up from all the Microsoft Build news? Check out the Book of News containing key items announced at Microsoft Build. Azure Vice President John Chirapurath shares...

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Threat Update 40 – White House White Hat

In response to what seems like an endless barrage of cyberattacks, President Biden signed an executive order outlining steps to improve the nation’s cybersecurity posture. Key items include implementing a...

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The Dawn Of The Four-Minute Cyberattack: Four Steps To Protect Your Company

On May 6, 1954, British athlete Roger Bannister stunned the world when he ran the first sub-four-minute mile. Bannister was the first but certainly would not be the last elite runner to break that...

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Cuckoo Sandbox Overview

A Cuckoo Sandbox is an open-source tool that can be used to automatically analyze malware. Imagine, it’s 2 am in the Security Operations Center (SOC) and an alert has triggered...

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What is Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Why It’s Important to Your Organization

Privileged Access Management, or PAM, is one of the most effective processes and preventative systems available to organizations who want to reduce the risk their employees, partners, vendors, systems, and...

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Last Week in Microsoft Azure: Week of May 24th

Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 11 will be retired on June 15, 2022. Microsoft previously announced that Microsoft 365 apps no longer supports IE 11 after August 17, 2021. Microsoft...

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