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Insights and analysis on cyber security, privacy, and data protection from the world’s leader in data-centric security.

Finding Data Owners with Varonis

Unstructured data governance can be a chaotic mess. A new employee has access to 17,000,000 files the moment they walk in the door. Unmanaged data access represents a considerable risk...

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Threat Update #13 – Slashing exposed data to survive ransomware attacks

As if ransomware weren’t bad enough, global group access raises risk exponentially. Once attackers land on a network, they can open, copy, change, or delete any and all files left...

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Last Week in Microsoft Teams: Week of November 9th

Microsoft has released the ability to display auto attendant and call queue data in Power BI. The ability to display the statistics for these voice applications is long overdue. Check...

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7 Tips to Avoid Employee Data Theft

Employee data theft is a specific insider threat where a malicious insider steals data from the current organization for monetary gain or a competing company’s benefit. The Tesla incident is...

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Threat Update #12 – Does Zerologon Change the Game?

Cybercriminals are using the Zerologon exploit to fast track lateral movement and privilege escalation. If left unpatched, the exploit lets attackers use the password of the primary domain controller to...

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Last Week in Microsoft Teams: Week of November 2nd

Microsoft released their monthly roundup with What’s New in Microsoft Teams for October 2020. Microsoft highlights improvements in the meeting experience, new device capabilities, and new releases for government tenants....

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October 2020 Malware Trends Report

This report is a monthly round-up from the Varonis Forensics Team documenting activity observed while responding to incidents, performing forensics, and reverse engineering malware samples. This report is intended to...

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Threat Update #11 – Attack Attribution

In cybersecurity, incident response is the big game and analysis is the postgame wrap-up. After the threat is contained, security investigators can dive into what they’ve found to look for...

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Last Week in Microsoft Teams: Week of October 26th

The Microsoft Education blog posted an article on 3 Teams features that help keep online classrooms connected. These features are the new Together Mode, professional development training, and Education Insights....

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Polyrize Acquisition

I’m excited to announce today our agreement to acquire Polyrize, a software company whose team and products are a natural fit as part of the Varonis family. This is the...

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