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Last Week in Microsoft Teams: Week of March 8th

This past week Microsoft revealed announcements and new features in their Ignite Spring 2021 virtual event. In the What’s New in Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Ignite 2021 blog post, Microsoft...

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How to Merge in Git: Remote and Local Git Repositories Tutorial

In my previous article “How to Revert a Commit in Git” (a PowerShell Git tutorial), I showed how you can use a local PowerShell Git repository and utilize the benefits...

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Threat Update 28 – Re-Ryuk’ed & Exchange Zero-Day

Is it too soon for a 2020 throwback? The Ryuk ransomware gang certainly doesn’t think so! It looks like one of the premiere ransomware-as-a-service groups was not content to rest...

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Last Week in Microsoft Teams: Week of March 1st

This week Microsoft is hosting the Spring Microsoft Ignite 2021 conference. The Microsoft Teams blog provided a guide for everything Microsoft Teams at this free virtual event. Microsoft announced the...

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Attack lab: Spear Phishing with Google Drive Sharing

Phishing scams are as old as the internet—tricking victims into divulging important information about themselves and their accounts. These scams are so common that all of the major email providers...

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Threat Update 27 – Concentrations of Power

Why are there certain account types that are often targeted by attackers? Why can it be really difficult to detect certain types of account misuse? What are some of the...

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Varonis Veterans Spotlight: Georgi Georgiev

Welcome to the Varonis Veteran Spotlight! The purpose of this spotlight is to show our gratitude and appreciation for our Varonis Veterans, as well as honor their military service and...

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Last Week in Microsoft Teams: Week of February 22nd

Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper posts about the vision behind the Viva announcement. Microsoft designed Viva to keep remote employees engaged and ensure they prioritize learning and career growth. The...

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Watch: ReConnect – Version 8.5 and Combating Insider Risks in Microsoft 365

How do you visualize, measure, and reduce internal data exposure in Microsoft 365? What about detecting advanced threats like the SolarWinds attack? Kilian and Brian walk through the TL;DR version...

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Your Primer to Third-Party Risk Management

Third-party risk management is an essential part of a company’s cybersecurity strategy but one that doesn’t often get the attention (or resources) it needs. But if it’s ignored, enterprises are...

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