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City of San Diego Uses the Varonis Data Security Platform to Defend Against Half A Million Attacks Per Day

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The City of San Diego provides city services to more than 1.3 million people who live and work in Southern California. To provide these services, the City operates 24 networks, about 40,000 endpoints spread across the county and 14,000 desktops in everything from police cars, trash trucks and city buildings.

In order to continue to defend against the half a million cyberattacks a day, including 10-15 ransomware assaults, the City realized they needed a solution that adequately addressed data level security: tracking who is accessing the data and what is being done with it.

After a careful evaluation, the City of San Diego chose to implement the data security platform from Varonis, which includes Data Classification FrameworkDatAdvantage for Windows and Directory Services and DatAlert solutions.

Varonis DatAlert helps the City identify and stop ransomware attacks, providing context about the extent of damage so the City can respond quickly and stop it from expanding across share drives and destroying folders.

The City also uses the Data Classification Framework and DatAdvantage for auditing and protection on 5 petabytes of data, many of which is old, untouched and duplicated. With the help of Varonis, they can identify the data they need for business operations and archive or remove unnecessary duplicates, freeing up almost 30% critical space and saving money.

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