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Last Week in Microsoft Azure: Week of June 14th

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Last updated Jan 17, 2023


    Direct from Microsoft

    Microsoft announced the renaming of Windows Virtual Desktop to Azure Virtual Desktop. This move is interesting as it drops the familiar Windows moniker for Azure branding. The article outlines the case for the change as the service brings on new capabilities and meets their broader, future vision.

    Mastering Azure

    Rajani Janaki Ram demonstrates how to move your resources across regions and into Availability Zones using Azure Resource Mover. Azure Resource Mover is a new service where customers can move resources to a different region. Customers can also expand their resiliency by moving resources into Azure Availability Zones.

    This week’s AzUpdate covers Azure Migrate support for Private Endpoints in public preview, Azure Backup upcoming retirement of TLS 1.0 and 1.1, and changes to policy compliance for resource type policies.

    Thomas Thornton goes deep with getting started with Terraform on Azure. Thomas walks you through an introduction to Terraform and how to write and deploy your first Terraform configuration.

    Barbara Forbes has a superb write-up on Azure Durable Functions for PowerShell. Durable Functions is a newer service, and Barbara walks you through how they work and a tutorial on getting started.

    Speaking of Azure Durable Functions, Jaliya Udagedara demonstrates how to change the storage provides from Azure Storage to Microsoft SQL Server. Azure Durable Functions now have more options for maintaining its state, including Netherite and Microsoft SQL Server.

    Anthony Chu covers what’s new with .NET on Azure Functions for June 2021. Improvements include an early preview of Azure Functions running on .NET 6.0 and Azure Functions V4.

    John Lunn provides an excellent step-by-step on creating and pushing a Docker image to the Azure Container Registry. John provides both written and video instructions for everyone to follow.

    Azure DevOps

    Gijs Reijn gives a thorough demonstration of building a SQL database deployment automation pipeline using Azure DevOps. Gijs first shows how to deploy the environment manually, then walks you through creating the Azure DevOps pipeline.

    David Gardiner shares a short PowerShell script for listing all the Git repositories used by Azure DevOps. The script uses the Pipelines LIst REST API, and you’ll need an Azure DevOps personal access token to run the script.

    Upcoming Events

    On June 29, 2021, Microsoft is hosting an Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event for free! Check out the 5 reasons why you should attend this event.

    Azure Updates

    The following updates are now generally available:

    The following updates are currently available in preview:

    Training Resources

    Look to take the DP-900 exam covering Azure Data Fundamentals? Check out FreeCodeCamp’s 4.5-hour certification for free!

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