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Last Week in Microsoft Azure: Week of May 3rd

IT Pros

an illustration of a lock and shield indicating how to secure your data when using Microsoft Azure

Direct from Microsoft

Microsoft is teaming up with Coursera on new Azure specializations and scholarships. The new collaboration includes content around Azure, artificial intelligence (AI), and data fundamentals. The partnership is also offering over 600 scholarships for eligible Women in Cloud members.

Log Apps Preview enables hosting your Logic Apps on top of the Azure App Service infrastructure. This hosting model allows using many of the platform capabilities available from App Service. Some of the network possibilities outlined in this blog include using private endpoints, securing traffic with virtual network integration, and accessing storage accounts.

On this episode of Azure Friday, Scott Hanselman and Sujay Talasila talk about Azure Resource Mover. This tool allows moving resources across Azure regions using a seamless, unified experience.

On the latest episode of AzUpdate, the team covers news stateful and 1-minute frequency log alerts in Azure Monitor, new Azure virtual machines for general purpose and memory-intensive workloads, and a lot of improvements in Azure Cost Management and Billing.

Mastering Azure

Barbara Forbes shows how to get started with Azure ARM template specs. She outlines how to make ARM templates available for others in the organization to use for themselves. This method allows those team members to deploy Azure resources using your templates without worrying about the code.

Richard Hoopers demonstrates how to change your Windows node pool password in Azure Kubernetes Service. This feature is made available in the aks-preview extensions released on April 22, 2021.

Sarah Lean shows how to scale with Azure by outlining different services, such as Azure Load Balancer, Azure Application Gateway, Azure Traffic Manager, Azure Front Door, and Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF).

In this quick 4-minute video, Thomas Mauer shows how to reset the password of an Azure virtual machine. Perfect for when you forget or misplaced that local admin password!

Azure DevOps

James Cook shows how to use the open-source tool Checkov in an Azure Pipeline to analyze your Terraform code. Using tools like these keeps data in your pipeline secure, such as checking for plain-text passwords.

Thomas Thornton shows his solution on how to run Scout Suite reports using Azure DevOps pipelines. Scout Suite is an open-source security-auditing tool, and Thomas shows how to incorporate the tool’s scan results into an Azure storage account static website.

Upcoming Events

On Tuesday, May 4, 2021, Microsoft hosts an online event for Innovate Today with Azure SQL. Microsoft is demonstrating how to solve modern challenges using its Azure SQL cloud service.

Azure Updates

The following Azure features are now generally available:

The following Azure features are available in public preview:

Training Resources

Are you studying for the SC-900 exam covering Microsoft security, compliance, and identity fundamentals? Check out John Savill’s 2-hour study cram session on YouTube!

Tip of the Week

Are you working a lot in the Azure cloud shell? Chris Pietschmann outlines a ton of Azure Cloud Shell Tips and Tricks to get started!

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is a cloud engineer specializing in Microsoft technologies such as Office 365, Teams, Azure and PowerShell. You can find more of his content at


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