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Robert Grimmick

How to Fix Broken Registry Items: Visual Guide and Solutions

Broken Registry Items have been the thorn in many an IT admin’s side almost since the day Microsoft introduced the Registry concept in Windows 3.1. Modern flavors of Windows tend...

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Packet Capture: What is it and What You Need to Know

Packet capture is a vital tool used to keep networks operating safely and efficiently. In the wrong hands, it can also be used to steal sensitive data like usernames and...

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SIEM Tools: 9 Tips for a Successful Deployment

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools are an essential part of a modern enterprise’s information security program, but careful planning and implementation are required in order to get the...

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Network Flow Monitoring Explained: NetFlow vs sFlow vs IPFIX

Modern networking equipment is capable of processing billions of packets every second, but most of that work happens behind the scenes. Network Flow Monitoring, also known as packet sampling, aims...

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ARP Poisoning: What it is & How to Prevent ARP Spoofing Attacks

ARP Poisoning is a type of cyberattack that abuses weaknesses in the widely used Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) to disrupt, redirect, or spy on network traffic. In this piece, we’ll...

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What is C2? Command and Control Infrastructure Explained

A successful cyberattack is about more than just getting your foot into the door of an unsuspecting organization. To be of any real benefit, the attacker needs to maintain persistence...

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Endpoint Detection and Response: All You Need to Know About EDR Security

Endpoints – the laptops, smartphones, and other devices we use on a daily basis – are a favorite target of attackers. They’re everywhere, prone to security vulnerabilities, and difficult to...

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IPv6 Security Guide: Do you Have a Blindspot?

IPv6, the most recent iteration of the ubiquitous Internet Protocol, promises to solve a forthcoming shortfall of available IP addresses. But the latest generation of IP will also have profound...

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What Is Network Segmentation?

Simply put, network segmentation is the act of dividing a computer network into smaller physical or logical components. Two devices on the same network segment can talk to each other...

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