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Jeff Petters

Malware Protection: Defending Data with Varonis Security Analytics

Malware has become the catch-all term for any bit of code that attempts to hide and then subvert the intentions of the computer’s owner. Viruses, rootkits, lock-screens, and Trojan horses...

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What is SIEM? A Beginner’s Guide

SIEM is now a $2 Billion industry, but only 21.9% of those companies are getting value from their SIEM, according to a recent survey. SIEM tools are an important part...

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Add Varonis to IAM for Better Access Governance

Managing permissions is a colossal job fraught with peril, and over-permissive folders are the bane of InfoSec and a hacker’s delight. Many organizations employ IAM (Identity Access Management) to help...

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Automating Permissions Cleanup: An In-Depth ROI Analysis

Previously, we discussed automating data access requests to achieve incredible ROI by cutting down on help desk tickets. We also briefly mentioned the enormous amount of work involved in finding...

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8 Tips to Surviving the Data Security Apocalypse

These days, working in data security can feel like surviving a zombie apocalypse – mindless hordes of bots and keyloggers are endlessly attempting to find something to consume. Just like...

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Maximize your ROI: Maintaining a Least Privilege Model

TL;DR: Managing permissions can be expensive. For a 1,000 employee company, the overhead of permissions request tickets can cost up to $180K/year. Automating access control with DataPrivilege can save $105K/year...

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The Security Threats are Coming From Inside the House!

Think of any of the big data breaches: Equifax, Target, NSA, Wikileaks, Yahoo, Sony. They all have one thing in common: the data breaches were an inside job. That’s not...

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3 Tips to Monitor and Secure Exchange Online

Even if you don’t have your sights on the highest office in the country, keeping a tight leash on your emails is now more important than ever. Email is commonly...

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Complete Guide to Windows File System Auditing

Windows file system auditing is an important tool to keep in your cybersecurity forensics toolbox.  Read on to learn more about file system auditing on Windows, and why you will...

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What is Privileged Access Management (PAM)?

When a breach happens, the first question people ask is, “What did the company do wrong?” The short answer is – it depends. However, we do know one mistake many...

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