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Jeff Petters

Data Migration: Guide to Success

More than 50% of data migration projects will exceed budget and/or harm the business due to flawed strategy and execution, according to Gartner. Nevertheless – data migrations are a fact...

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NIST 800-53: Definition and Tips for Compliance

NIST sets the security standards for agencies and contractors – and given the evolving threat landscape, NIST is influencing data security in the private sector as well. It’s structured as...

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5 FSMO Roles in Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) has been the de facto standard for enterprise domain authentication services ever since it first appeared in late 1999 (in Windows Server 2000). There have been several...

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Risk Management Framework (RMF): An Overview

The Risk Management Framework (RMF) is a set of criteria that dictate how United States government IT systems must be architected, secured, and monitored. Originally developed by the Department of...

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What is an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)?

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are long-term operations designed to infiltrate and/or exfiltrate as much valuable data as possible without being discovered. It’s not yet possible to estimate exactly how much...

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How to Protect GDPR Data with Varonis

In the overall data security paradigm, GDPR data isn’t necessarily more important than other sensitive data, but demands specific monitoring, policy, and processing – with significant fines to encourage compliance....

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Role Based Access Control (RBAC): What is it and Why Implement?

Can a stolen password get you the keys to the entire kingdom? Well, it turns out that 81% of data breaches in 2017 used stolen or weak passwords to get...

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What is a Rootkit? How Can You Detect it?

“Geez, my computer is really running slow all of a sudden.” “Hmm, I don’t recall seeing this odd application in my task manager before.” If you have ever asked these...

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How to Discover GDPR Data With Varonis

GDPR goes into effect in less than 85 days – but there’s still time to prepare. The first step in getting ready for the upcoming deadline is to discover and...

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12 Ways Varonis Helps You Manage Mergers and Acquisitions

A well-constructed Merger & Acquisition (M&A) playbook reduces the overall time, cost and risk of the upcoming merger and/or acquisition. Gartner advises that organizations who intend to grow through acquisitions...

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