Protect your regulated data and ensure compliance with Varonis

1 Discover & classify your regulated files
2 Prove that only the right people have access
3 Enforce data protection and retention policies
4 Alert on suspicious activity and policy violations
5 Fulfill Subject Access Requests
6 Automatically label sensitive files for encryption and DRM

Compliance starts with visibility, regardless of the standard

Varonis gives you the enterprise-wide visibility you need for effective discovery, auditing, and compliance reporting across a wide variety of regulatory standards.

Classify regulated data with speed & accuracy

Varonis quickly and accurately classifies sensitive, regulated information stored in on-premises and cloud data stores. Our classification engine prioritizes scans based on risk & exposure to give you actionable results quickly, no matter how much data you have.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Varonis limits false positives and false negatives with flexible condition matching, algorithmic verification, proximity matching, smart filtering, and more.

Effortless Policy Updates

Get live updates to your classification library. New patterns and rules are shipped on a regular basis—no need to perform manual upgrades.

Customizable Classification

Build your own classification rules and dictionaries to meet organization-specific requirements. Add flags, tags, and notes to files and folders for reporting and policy enforcement.


400+ classification patterns to cover all your compliance needs


“Varonis is extremely useful in meeting [compliance] demands, both for ourselves and our customers. Having a solution that can be configured to exacting specifications provides a powerful advantage for financial firms that face a high level of regulatory scrutiny.”

John Gracey , VP of Cybersecurity


Remediate risk & close your biggest compliance gaps

Visibility is just the beginning. Varonis helps you find risk, reduce risk, and keep it from coming back so you can continually comply with data protection regulations.

Remediate overexposed data.

Eliminate unnecessary access to sensitive data safely and automatically to ensure data by design and by default.

Automate authorization workflows.

Ensure that each request to access regulated data is signed off by an approved data owner.

Automate entitlement reviews.

Show auditors that you have a process in place to regularly review access and revoke unnecessary permissions.

Enforce retention policies.

Create custom rules to move, archive, or delete data based on content type, age, access activity, and more.

Detect unusual behavior on regulated data.

Quickly investigate and respond to potential cyberattacks and policy violations with a full forensic audit trail of data access.

Get persistent protection with labels.

Apply labels to files according to your policies to enable search, migration, remediation, encryption, rights management, and more.


Quickly handle Subject Access Requests (SARs)

Varonis helps you quickly find the regulated data you need and take action to flag, protect, archive, or delete it.


Detect threats to your regulated data

Get alerted when regulated data is under attack and comply with data breach notification timelines. Varonis uses behavior-based threat models that give you meaningful alerts and a searchable audit trail so you know exactly what’s happening to your regulated data.

Access to an unusual number of idle GDPR files
Low and slow increase in number of idle GDPR files accessed
Unusual number of GDPR files deleted or modified
Permission changes: Global Access Groups added to folder with significant GDPR data.
Unusual number of GDPR files with denied access
Abnormal service behavior: access to atypical folders containing GDPR data
GDPR was data accessed in the past 24 hours
An unusual amount of data was uploaded to an external website after accessing GDPR data
An unusual amount of data was uploaded to email websites after accessing GDPR data

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