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Top 10 Chief Data Officers to Follow on Twitter

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Over the past couple of years, Chief Data Officers have evolved into a C-suite staple.

Why? Whether the CIOs are overwhelmed with IT demands, or organizations are recognizing the value in their data, CDOs have a key role to play in data governance initiatives.

A CDO’s mission is “to bring order to the plethora of data sources within an organization, tap the multiple analytics opportunities that exist, and develop a strategic vision around those opportunities.”1

Dorman Bazzell, the practice leader for Emerging Technologies and Advanced Solutions at Capgemini agrees, “If you don’t have a CDO, you’ve turned the kids loose on the data playground, and they’re going to do whatever they want. There will have to be a role that manages all how all of that data is being used .”

So what are practicing CDOs like? There’s my interview with Richard Wendell. He offers sage advice applicable to anyone interested in data science as well as how to start thinking like a CDO.

Also, a quick scroll down a CDO’s Twitter feed will inform you of their creativity, data-centric ideas, and introspection! Here are our top choices:

1. Tyrone Grandison / @tyrgr

Tyrone Grandison is the Deputy Chief Data Officer at the US Department of Commerce. He was also a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow with the US Department of Labor and worked with the US CENSUS Bureau on their data and API initiatives.

2. Micheline Casey / @michelinecasey

Micheline Casey is a Principal at CDO, LLC, a boutique consultancy supporting the development of large-scale enterprise information management, data governance, and data security strategic plans and implementation efforts. Previously, Ms. Casey was the first state Chief Data Officer in the country, and part of the Governor’s Office in the State of Colorado.

3. Ilkay Altintas / @ilkayaltintas

Ilkay Altintas is Chief Data Science Officer at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UC San Diego. Learn more about her and her ideas about Big Data in this enthusiastic interview with the UCSD Extension.

4. Debra Logan / @DebrLogan

Debra Logan is currently Gartner’s Chief Research Officer, Data & Analytics. Like all the other amazing CDOs on this list, her tweets are just as practical and informative – you’ll learn a lot from her.

5. Jeff Bladt / @BLADT

Jeff Bladt is Chief Data Officer His tweets are chock full of stats and graphs, and has, in my opinion, the best visuals to complement his tweets.

6. Michelle Fleury / @michelle_fleury

Michelle Fleury is currently Chief Data Protection Officer at CISCO. She tweets mostly on security, privacy, and entrepreneurship.

7. Tom Schenk Jr. / @ChicagoCDO

Tom Schenk Jr. is dedicated to using data to impact and improve the daily life of Chicagoans.

8. Geraint Lewis / @GeraintLewis

Unlike the other aforementioned CDOs, Geraint Lewis, CDO of NHS of England, has a health background and tweets about health and data.

9. Adam Drake / @aadrake

Adram Drake is CDO at Atazzo and frequently tweets out helpful technical resources.

10. Ian Kalin / @IanJKalin

A veteran of the @USNavy, Ian Kalin is the Chief Data Officer for @CommerceGov. He tweets out ongoings of the government as well as available resources.



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