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Last Week in Ransomware: Week of July 5th

Last Week in Ransomware: Week of July 5th


    Ransomware in the News

    Before we get to the major ransomware attack that occurred over the holiday weekend, let’s take a look at some of the other stories from the past week.

    An old version of the Babuk ransomware builder was leaked and seems to have been used by unaffiliated groups. Meanwhile, the real Babuk cybercriminal gang must have gotten inspired by other people using their work or simply bored of data theft because they’re back at it again.

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    In unrelated news, the messy world of ransomware attribution has gotten a little clearer since security researchers have linked the Diavol ransomware to Wizard Spider a group better known for its botnet Trickbot.

    Threatpost published an informative article on Ransomware as a service (RaaS), a list of 5 things to do to improve your defenses

    REvil Ransomware

    The biggest news of the week is definitely the REvil attack which used a zero-day in the source code of management software to attack thousands of companies. As new details emerge it seems this attack was more wildly successful than the criminal gang had planned for. The gang has been so overwhelmed by trying to process the ransoms it has offered a blanket ransom of $70 million for all of them. And even went on to lower that offer to $50 million.

    Additionally, the supply chain attack seems to have purposely targeted the 4th of July weekend leaving many US companies understaffed and unable to handle the crisis on the holiday weekend. This timing also serves to highlight an important when auditing your own defenses, don’t account for the ideal circumstances. Account for the worst day of the year when you are least staffed or least prepared for an attack.

    Ransomware Research

    The Babuk ransomware builder, which is used for creating payloads and decrypting them, has found its way onto VirusTotal. And just so the Babuk builder doesn’t get lonely, the Chaos Ransomware Builder V3 is also up on VirusTotal.

    There appears to be a new .hive ransomware. As well as a new .miis extension Djvu ransomware including a VirusTotal sample.

    Ransomware gangs are now making recruiting websites. It’ll be interesting to watch this develop. It could turn out to be some sort of sting operation or used to plant a white-hat hacker in one of these groups.  

    GitHub Tools 

    The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has made a Ransomware Readiness Assessment (RRA) which can be found open-source on GitHub. This tool should be incredibly powerful for helping organizations audit their defenses and learn how to recover from ransomware attacks.

    Not exactly a GitHub tool but a free Lorenz ransomware decryptor has been released. 

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