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12 Most Disregarded Cybersecurity Tasks

12 Most Disregarded Cybersecurity Tasks

Used for strategic planning, process improvement and reaching customers, data is just as important as a company’s other resources like employees or inventory. You could even say, data is gold. This golden data is also in high demand for competing companies and the malicious individuals that can profit from stealing and selling trade secrets.

With the importance and abundance of data available today, the stakes of not having a comprehensive cybersecurity program in place in an organization are higher than ever.

It is important that cybersecurity be prioritized by every level of individual in an organization. The infographic below gives tips for employees at every level of an organization to follow to stay vigilant and manage risks in a data-driven, connected world.

infographic with the most disregarded cybersecurity tasks separated out by ceo manager and security professionals

We have seen that it is the CEO’s job to prioritize cybersecurity and data protection at an organizational level. Managers responsible for budget allocation must make decisions on how to allocate company funds to actively manage cybersecurity threats. Cyber professionals must be technically savvy and consider risks outside of common scans.

The list of tasks we provided highlights the importance of individuals working as a team to protect data. It’s not just one person’s job.

As new technologies emerge and more data is made available for companies, cyber criminals will have new motivations and new tools at their disposal to try to infiltrate corporate data. Organizations need to prioritize cybersecurity by investing in protection technology and resources if they are going to stay on top of the battle against the criminals. There’s too much at stake not to make these investments. Interested in more? Check out our whitepaper detailing data loss prevention and more.

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