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Data Security


Threat Update 30 – No trust? No problem! An Overview of Zero Trust

With the constant barrage of cyberattacks in the news, it would be natural to wonder if there’s a security model to help. Enter Zero Trust! This popular security model has...

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Detecting Honeypot Access With Varonis

Honeypots are traps that the Blue Team (defenders) plant to catch potentially bad actors trying to exploit a vulnerability, snoop for data, or escalate privileges. Since a honeypot is a decoy,...

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Attack lab: Spear Phishing with Google Drive Sharing

Phishing scams are as old as the internet—tricking victims into divulging important information about themselves and their accounts. These scams are so common that all of the major email providers...

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Threat Update 27 – Concentrations of Power

Why are there certain account types that are often targeted by attackers? Why can it be really difficult to detect certain types of account misuse? What are some of the...

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Varonis Veterans Spotlight: Georgi Georgiev

Welcome to the Varonis Veteran Spotlight! The purpose of this spotlight is to show our gratitude and appreciation for our Varonis Veterans, as well as honor their military service and...

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Your Primer to Third-Party Risk Management

Third-party risk management is an essential part of a company’s cybersecurity strategy but one that doesn’t often get the attention (or resources) it needs. But if it’s ignored, enterprises are...

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February 2021 Malware Trends Report

This report is a monthly round-up from the Varonis Forensics Team documenting activity observed while responding to incidents, performing forensics, and reverse engineering malware samples. This report is intended to...

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What Federal Agencies Should Take Away from SolarWinds Attack

It was one of those fragile, oversized wine glasses that couldn’t have cost more than a buck. I saw it teetering on the counter’s edge, soon to meet the kitchen...

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How Hackers Spoof DNS Requests With DNS Cache Poisoning

Domain Name Server (DNS) Spoofing is a cyber attack that tricks your computer into thinking it’s going to the correct website, but it’s not. Attackers use DNS cache poisoning to...

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IPv6 Security Guide: Do you Have a Blindspot?

IPv6, the most recent iteration of the ubiquitous Internet Protocol, promises to solve a forthcoming shortfall of available IP addresses. But the latest generation of IP will also have profound...

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