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Data Security


Abusing Misconfigured Salesforce Communities for Recon and Data Theft

A misconfigured Salesforce Community may lead to sensitive Salesforce data being exposed to anyone on the internet. Anonymous users can query objects that contain sensitive information such as customer lists,...

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Understand and Implement Azure Monitor for Monitoring Workloads

You always want your business-critical production applications to run without issues or downtime. To achieve this you need to continuously analyze system logs, monitor your application and their dependent services...

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Packet Capture: What is it and What You Need to Know

Packet capture is a vital tool used to keep networks operating safely and efficiently. In the wrong hands, it can also be used to steal sensitive data like usernames and...

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What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Why Should You Use It?

Two-factor authentication (2FA)  is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of your employees falling victim to an account takeover, potentially exposing your organization’s sensitive assets and...

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Salesforce Shield

For the seventh consecutive year, Salesforce maintains the lion’s share of the CRM ecosystem worldwide. Salesforce comprises 20% of all CRM instances worldwide used to manage and process customer data....

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2021 SaaS Risk Report Reveals 44% of Cloud Privileges are Misconfigured

Cloud apps make collaboration a breeze, but unless you’re keeping a close watch on identities, behavior, and privileges across each and every SaaS and IaaS you rely on, you’re a...

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What is Threat Modeling and How To Choose the Right Framework

Threat modeling is a key responsibility for any cybersecurity team that is looking to protect their organization and their organization’s assets. It’s designed to help cybersecurity teams proactively find and...

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Threat Update 48 – Using Google to Spot Exposed Data in the Cloud

Cloud data stores like Box and Google Workspace make sharing and collaborating easy and convenient. However, there can be hidden risks. Configuration settings for these services can be complex –...

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Data Migration Guide: Strategy Success & Best Practices

For most businesses, data migration is a necessary business process that takes place on a regular basis. Whether it’s implementing a new system or shifting information to more secure storage...

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Everything You Need to Know About Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber insurance is a necessary component of any IT or cybersecurity department responsible for protecting the assets, data, reputation, and bottom line of a company in the face of cybersecurity...

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