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Last Week in Microsoft Azure: Week of May 24th

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Published May 24, 2021
Last updated January 17, 2023

Direct from Microsoft

Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 11 will be retired on June 15, 2022. Microsoft previously announced that Microsoft 365 apps no longer supports IE 11 after August 17, 2021.

Microsoft announced that Azure gains its 100th compliance offering by adhering to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct. The EU Cloud Code of Conduct assists cloud providers in aligning with the EU’s GDPR rules. Azure has attained more compliance offerings than any other cloud provider.

Mastering Azure

This week, I posted an article on harnessing ARM template copy for dynamic Azure deployments. Copy loops allow you to create multiple Azure resources in an ARM template without copying code.

Speaking of ARM templates, check out Steve Buchanan’s Introducing Azure Resource Manager (ARM) article. Azure ARM is the core service for deployment and management within Azure.

Billy York brings you up-to-speed in his article Azure Resource Graph: Zero to Hero. The Azure Resource Graph is an extension to Azure Resource Management for efficient resource exploration. Using the Kusto Query Language, you can create resource queries for exploring the state of your Azure resources.

Thomas Maurer covers Azure Arc for Security Engineers. Azure Arc extends Azure management and Azure services to anywhere, such as on-premises datacenters or multi-cloud environments. Thomas outlines how IT personnel can take advantage of Azure Arc for their environment.

This week’s AzUpdate episode covers VNET peering for Azure Bastion, Internet Explorer 11 retirement, and the latest version of Windows Admin Center.

Thomas Mauer continues with a great video demonstration of Az Next, an AI-powered interactive assistance for the Azure CLI. Az Next guides beginners and seasoned IT professionals with common command options based on your last command.

John Savil has a great video on Azure Resource Mover, which allows moving resources between regions, subscriptions, and resource groups. John walks through the different move types and how to perform the move in the portal.

Sara Lean documents her error when deploying an Azure Landing Zone template.

Azure DevOps

James Cook covers a crucial topic in Static Code Analyses with Terrascan, Terraform, and Azure DevOps. Terrascan performs code analyses on Hashicorp Terraform files for best practices and security issues.

Subhankar Sarkar walks through hosting a free website with a serverless backend on Azure Static Web App. Subhankar walks through how to create the Azure resources, then integrates with Azure DevOps for continuous deployment of the website code.

Upcoming Events

This week marks the start of Microsoft Build, a free digital event for developers to learn more about the latest tools and techniques to build solutions.

Azure Updates

The following updates are now generally available:

Training Resources

If you enjoy audio over reading, check out Microsoft’s Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches audiobook for free!

Tip of the Week

In this week’s Azure Tips and Tricks, learn how to migrate your MySQL database to the cloud.

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