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Last Week in Microsoft Azure: Week of April 19th

Last Week in Microsoft Azure: Week of April 19th

Direct from Microsoft

Microsoft released new capabilities in the Azure Container Registry PowerShell module. You can now fully manage repositories, manifests, and tags with increased performance.

Mastering Azure

Learn how to get started with Azure Functions with a tutorial-based article! I present the case for using Azure Functions and show how to deploy a function to log entries to a table.

Did a recent change on your Azure virtual machine lock you out of remote access? Learn how to use the serial console on Windows IaaS VMs to gain access! You can access both Windows and Linux virtual machines using the Emergency Management Services console.

Are you looking to get started with the Azure CLI? Check out John Savill’s video AZ CLI Overview and Demo Super Show. The Azure CLI is a great alternative to PowerShell based on its simpler command structure that is more familiar to the command line and Linux users.

Thomas Maurer guides you through improving performance, security, and reliability of Azure VMs using Azure Advisor.

Azure DevOps

April Edwards demonstrates how to deploy an Azure Logic App using Terraform, with a bonus of how to do so using Azure Pipelines. Terraform is an excellent infrastructure as code language, and April provinces a great example of using this to deploy Logic Apps.

Are you wondering how to update your classic Azure Pipelines? Praveen Kumar Sreeram shows how to convert classic UI pipelines to YAML pipelines.

Elegberun Olugbenga walks through how to deploy Azure Kubernetes Services using an Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline.

Following up from his last article on Azure Bicep, Thomas Thornton shows us how to deploy Azure Bicep using GitHub Actions.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, April 29, 2021, is Azure Storage Day! Learn more about this online FREE event with 5 reasons to attend Azure Storage Day.

Azure Updates

The following updates are now generally available:

The following updates are currently available in preview:

Training Resources

Learn how to diagnose and solve problems with Azure API Management Diagnostics with Scott Hanselman and Rob Caron.

Tip of the Week

Check out how to use Azure Container Registry for building and deploying .NET core applications.

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