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Rob Sobers

3 Deadly File Permissions Mistakes

Scarily, in most organizations people have access to much more information than they need in order to do their jobs.  With file permissions, it’s easy to mess things up and...

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How to Configure Varonis and EMC Isilon

Customers of EMC’s popular Isilon storage platform have been clamoring for sophisticated controls around their sensitive, regulated content—e.g., SOX, PCI, intellectual property, etc.  Varonis is the perfect fit.  With our...

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CIFS vs SMB: What’s the Difference?

I’ve received quite a few questions from both new and experienced sysadmins about networked filesystems and file sharing protocols. One question that comes up frequently is “What is the difference between...

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8 Things to Look for in File Auditing Software

Any seasoned IT pro will tell you: auditing file and email activity is hard.  You’ve got a production Exchange or SharePoint server being pounded on relentlessly by users all day...

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What is Human Generated Data?

Unlike business application data, like a billing database or CRM system, or machine-generated data, such as the log files that servers generate, human-generated data is comprised of the emails, Word...

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Real-time Alerting and Monitoring with Varonis DatAlert

Today we’re happy to announce Varonis Data Governance Suite 5.9 beta, which includes the launch of Varonis DatAlert.  DatAlert improves your ability to detect possible security breaches, misconfigurations, and other...

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What is HIPAA and why should I care?

What is HIPAA? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which requires the establishment of national standards for electronic health care transactions and national identifiers for providers, health...

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Red Alert: A Data Breach Report

Can you detect a data breach in real-time?  Most people can’t. Our new Red Alert Research Report, based on survey data from 248 information security professionals, indicates that only 6%...

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The Dangers of Shared Links

Many web applications give users the ability to share private information with unauthenticated users via obscure, publicly accessible URLs.  These URLs, often called “external links” or “shared links,” are a...

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New Zealand’s Leaky Servers Highlight the Need for Information Governance

How a Permissions Report Could Have Plugged the Hole in New Zealand’s Leaky Servers Earlier this week, Keith Ng blogged about a massive security hole in the New Zealand Ministry of...

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