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Cindy Ng

[Podcast] Dr. Wolter Pieters on Information Ethics, Part Two

In part two of my interview with Delft University of Technology’s assistant professor of cyber risk, Dr. Wolter Pieters, we continue our discussion on transparency versus secrecy in security. We...

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What Experts Are Saying About GDPR

You did get the the memo that GDPR goes into effect next month? Good! This new EU regulation has a few nuances and uncertainties that will generate more questions than...

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[Podcast] I’m Elena Khasanova, Professional Services Manager at Varonis, and This is How I Work

Prior to Varonis, Elena Khasanova worked in backend IT for large organizations. She did a bit of coding, database administration, project management, but was ready for more responsibility and challenges....

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[Podcast] Dr. Wolter Pieters on Information Ethics, Part One

In part one of my interview with Delft University of Technology’s assistant professor of cyber risk, Dr. Wolter Pieters, we learn about the fundamentals of ethics as it relates to...

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What is Data Integrity and How Can You Maintain it?

If your company’s data is altered or deleted, and you have no way of knowing how, when and by whom, it can have a major impact on data-driven business decisions....

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The Difference Between Data Governance and IT Governance

Lately, we’ve been so focused on data governance, extracting the most value from our data and preventing the next big breach, many of us have overlooked IT governance fundamentals, which...

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Top Podcast Episodes

We continue our conversation with founder Lenny Teytelman.In part two of our conversation, we learn more about his company and the use cases that made his company possible. We...

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Five Brain Hacks for Sysadmins and Infosec Pros

Automation has always been a good friend to IT. It’s helped us get our work done faster on projects that involved lots of tedium but required little technical skills. Automation...

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[Podcast] Who is in Control? The Data or Humans?

Self-quantified trackers made possible what was once nearly unthinkable: for individuals to gather data on one’s activity level in order to manage and improve one’s performance. Some have remarked that...

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Best of the Inside Out Security Show Podcast

We’ve interviewed many privacy experts, chief data officers, security pros and learned so much about the real world. Because we’ve covered so much, I’ve curated the most popular infosec quotes...

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