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Last Week in Microsoft Teams: Week of October 26th

The Microsoft Education blog posted an article on 3 Teams features that help keep online classrooms connected. These features are the new Together Mode, professional development training, and Education Insights....

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Polyrize Acquisition

I’m excited to announce today our agreement to acquire Polyrize, a software company whose team and products are a natural fit as part of the Varonis family. This is the...

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The Saga of Trickbot

Here is a little story that should have made the evening news. Well, it’s actually kind of a big geopolitical story, but given 2020’s logarithmic growth in geopolitical story significance,...

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Watch: Varonis ReConnect!

Office 365 and Teams make sharing information and collaborating with distant colleagues a breeze. But if you’re not careful, you’ll open yourself up to considerable risk. That’s because securing your...

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Threat Update #10

An alert notifies you that something suspicious is going on. Minutes matter, so you call the Varonis Incident Response team to help. Security investigators must act fast, but where do...

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Last Week in Microsoft Teams: Week of October 19th

Corporate Vice President Jared Spataro post a great Twitter thread on how the pandemic has impacted workplace well being. Findings include more workers experiencing burnout, a blurred work/life balance, and...

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Varonis Threat Update #9

When ransomware strikes, minutes matter. But an attack may not always be what it seems. That’s because ransomware can serve as a clever – and effective – smokescreen designed to...

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Last Week in Microsoft Teams: Week of October 12th

In Microsoft’s IT Showcase, they have a comprehensive set of resources on how to lead a successful transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. This includes upgrades, adoption, and...

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Varonis Threat Update #8

Emotet and Ryuk attacks are coming fast and furious, and they’re highly damaging. We’re seeing a huge surge in ransomware worldwide as criminal groups amp up their efforts to grab...

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Last Week in Microsoft Teams: Week of October 5th

Missed some sessions from this year’s Ignite conference? This Microsoft Docs article has links to all the Teams sessions presented at Ignite 2020. The Microsoft Teams blog released two new...

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