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Insights and analysis on cyber security, privacy, and data protection from the world’s leader in data-centric security.

Last Week in Microsoft Azure: Week of April 12th

Senior Program Manager Gaurav Chandwani announces general availability of Cloud Services, which is a new Azure Resource Manager (ARM)-based deployment model for Azure Cloud Services. Microsoft released a Static Web...

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Threat Update 33 – S3 Security Suggestions & Cyber Insurance Targets

Question: What does S3 security, and cyber insurance have in common? Answer: We discuss them in the video today! That was a bit of a trick question, but two very...

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How Varonis Limits Organization-Wide Exposure

If you were hired at a top financial institution as a junior analyst tomorrow, chances are you’d have access to 20% of the company’s data on day one. Data available...

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Last Week in Microsoft Azure: Week of April 5th

On April 1, Microsoft Azure DNS experienced a service availability issue. This outage resulted in customers not being able to resolve domain names for services. Read more about the outage...

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Are You Prepared For a Supply Chain Attack? Why Supply Chain Risk Management is Essential

The world has never been more interconnected, with cloud and digital technology allowing companies to flourish and succeed globally. However, this interconnectedness comes with elevated risk  — partners, vendors, and...

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Endpoint Detection and Response: All You Need to Know About EDR Security

Endpoints – the laptops, smartphones, and other devices we use on a daily basis – are a favorite target of attackers. They’re everywhere, prone to security vulnerabilities, and difficult to...

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Docker vs. Kubernetes

A common crossroad for developers (especially when just starting) concerning containerization is the question of Kubernetes vs Docker. In this post, we will exhaust the fork down to application areas...

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Using Salesforce Analytics for GDPR Compliance

That is the total amount in fines imposed by the European Union on businesses for non-compliance to GDPR, data infringement, and breaches on data protection since the launch of the...

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Threat Update 32 – Lemon Duck Floats on Exchange ProxyLogon Vulnerability

What’s better than cryptocurrency? FREE cryptocurrency, right? Not if you’re one of the many victims of the Lemon Duck cryptomining botnet who is footing the bill for the “free” (to...

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March 2021 Malware Trends Report

This report is a monthly round-up from the Varonis Forensics Team documenting activity observed while responding to incidents, performing forensics, and reverse engineering malware samples. This report is intended to...

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