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Insights and analysis on cyber security, privacy, and data protection from the world’s leader in data-centric security.

Bypassing Box’s Time-based One-Time Password MFA

Executive Summary The Varonis research team discovered a way to bypass multi-factor authentication for Box accounts that use authenticator apps such as Google Authenticator. Using the technique demonstrated below, an...

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Defend Against Ransomware with the NIST Ransomware Profile

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and continue to be a disruptive force in the cybersecurity industry. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center reported 2,084 ransomware complaints from January to...

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Threat Update 66 – Not The “Cloud Solution” You Are Expecting

To celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S., Kilian and Ryan discuss a solution that contains the closest thing they can find to actual tiny clouds, as well as additional elements necessary...

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Threat Update 65 – What is Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)?

Organizations face big challenges selecting the right solutions when crafting a layered approach to cloud security – especially with the alphabet soup of options and acronyms out there. Kilian and...

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How to Monitor Network Traffic: Effective Steps & Tips

No matter how communications and information technology evolves, data in motion will always exist. Hackers will always target the main arteries and thoroughfares of data flow, so monitoring network traffic...

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No Time to REST: Check Your Jira Permissions for Leaks

Varonis researchers enumerated a list of 812 subdomains and found 689 accessible Jira instances. We found 3,774 public dashboards, 244 projects, and 75,629 issues containing email addresses, URLs, and IP...

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What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

With cyberattacks and data breaches on the rise, companies of all sizes need to place an emphasis on securing their technology assets. However, assembling a full-time in-house IT security team...

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Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Organizations of all sizes are worried about securing their IT investments and a key part of this is providing users limited access only to the resources that they need to...

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Threat Update 64 – Escaping Einstein’s Wormhole

Salesforce’s Einstein Activity Capture (EAC) is a convenient, automated way to boost your sales team’s productivity by consolidating relevant customer emails, and meetings into a central system – Salesforce. However,...

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Cloud Applications Put Your Data At Risk — Here’s How To Regain Control

Cloud applications boost productivity and ease collaboration. But when it comes to keeping your organization safe from cyberattacks, they’re also a big, growing risk. Your data is in more places...

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