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Insights and analysis on cyber security, privacy, and data protection from the world’s leader in data-centric security.

Password Spraying: What to Do and Prevention Tips

When it comes to password hacking, most organizations are quite familiar with brute force attacks, where cybercriminals continually guess passwords via computer algorithms tens of thousands of times in seconds...

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gMSA Guide: Group Managed Service Account Security & Deployment

In any organization, there are a number of automated tasks, applications, or devices running in the background of any device across a network. One of the best ways to manage...

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INVEST in America Act: Billion-Dollar Funding for Cybersecurity

The INVEST in America Act, which Congress is seeking to pass, provides nearly two billion dollars in funding to enhance the nation’s cybersecurity. Who should care? State, local, and tribal...

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Lessons from the Twitch Data Leak

What happened? Increasingly covered by the mainstream press throughout Wednesday, October 6, 2021, the impact of the recent Twitch leak will undoubtedly grow as bad actors take advantage of the...

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Threat Update 59 – GitHub Data Leak Risks

GitHub is a crucial solution for the development community, but its popularity for both business and personal use can lead to accidental data leaks. Kilian Englert and Ryan O’Boyle from...

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Threat Update 58 – The Hidden Risks of Slack

Slack is an extremely popular communication platform – but it can be used for so much more, often without organizations realizing it. Kilian Englert and Ryan O’Boyle from the Varonis...

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PeStudio Overview: Setup, Tutorial and Tips

PeStudio is a tool used for statically analyzing malware and is one of my favourite tools for malware analysis. Whenever I begin analysing a piece of malware, I will always...

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Threat Update 57 – Zoom-ing In On Non-Traditional Data Stores

Many people know it’s not safe to send sensitive information in emails, but how many people think about what is said on video conferencing platforms? Kilian Englert and Ryan O’Boyle...

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TLS vs SSL: What’s the Difference & How it Works

It’s a bird……It’s a plane…..It’s…….a cryptographic networking protocol? While they may not be from the planet Krypton, Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) take on the Superman-like...

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Microsoft LAPS Overview: Setup, Installation, and Security

Microsoft LAPS is one of the most effective ways to protect administrator passwords and prevent unauthorized users from accessing systems or data that they shouldn’t. Microsoft’s Local Administrator Password Solution...

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