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Varonis announces strategic partnership with Microsoft to acclerate the secure adoption of Copilot.

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Ransomware Protection Software

Varonis fights ransomware by limiting access and detecting threats to your on-prem and cloud-hosted data.


Reduce your blast radius.

Don’t let one infected machine encrypt your entire network. Varonis will show you where critical data is vulnerable to an attack and automatically right-size privileges to get you to Zero Trust.

Detect early signs of compromise.

Varonis’ data-centric technology starts from the inside out, building out rings of detective controls from the data, to Active Directory and DNS, to VPNs and proxies.

Respond and recover quickly.

Behavior-based models detect any suspicious data access patterns—not just encryption. Trigger an automatic response to mitigate damage. Our complete audit trail of file system access helps you perform targeted restores.