Integrate Data-Centric Insights Into Your Security Workflows Using Webhooks

Use webhooks to easily integrate Varonis’ unique, data-centric insights into your security stack to consolidate monitoring and enhance security workflows. 
Nathan Coppinger
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Last updated June 27, 2024

As security tech stacks grow and become more costly for security teams to manage, it's essential for organizations to create connected workflows to gain full context, streamline operations, and prevent losing valuable time chasing threats. 

Security teams can now easily integrate Varonis into their broader security stack by sending Varonis’ enriched, data-centric alerts and security insights to SIEMs and SOARs, communication solutions like Slack, automation platforms like Tines, and more.

With these integrations, security teams can:

  • Triage alerts in Microsoft Sentinel for investigation and response
  • Automate misconfiguration remediation workflows with Tines
  • Notify relevant personnel of incidents with real-time security insights in Slack

Varonis comes with out-of-the-box integrations for Slack and Microsoft Sentinel, but teams can easily integrate Varonis with virtually any platform that accepts webhooks.

By using these easy-to-configure integrations, security teams can access Varonis alerts and misconfiguration insights from any tool, giving them the flexibility and insights necessary to streamline workflows, stay ahead of threats, and safeguard critical assets.

Consolidate monitoring, enhance investigations, and automate incident response.

Access Varonis' enriched, data-centric alerts directly within your SIEM, SOAR, and automated security workflow solutions for faster triage, investigation, and remediation — without opening another interface.   

When integrated with SIEM and SOAR platforms, Varonis’ unique insights are contextualized with your broader security stack, transforming disparate alerts across multiple security tools into a unified picture of data risk that will help you catch and respond to threats.

For instance, Varonis can alert you in your SIEM or SOAR platform when a user begins to access and exfiltrate an unusual number of sensitive data from AWS S3. Your SIEM or SOAR tool can then automatically respond to the alert by disabling the ACLs on the affected bucket or shutting down the suspicious user’s session.

Details of these data-centric insights that Varonis can provide include:

  • A detailed explanation of why the alert was triggered
  • A severity level
  • The actor and action
  • The target and its sensitivity

You can also configure the metadata that Varonis shared with each tool, giving you as much or as little information as you’d like. 

Select the information you want to send from Varonis to your SIEM and SOAR platforms.

Webhook alert fields

Select the information you want to send from Varonis to your SIEM and SOAR platforms.

Access misconfiguration insights within your existing workflows. 

Varonis continuously monitors your environment and surfaces critical misconfigurations across your data stores that put sensitive data at risk. 

Not only can you use Varonis to rectify these misconfigurations with a simple click, but you can also use webhooks to relay them to platforms like ServiceNow, Jira, or GitHub Issues. This aids in the efficient triaging and streamlining of manual remediation efforts.

For instance, if Varonis surfaces an S3 bucket that doesn’t enforce data encryption in transit, our platform can automatically send this insight to Jira to create a high-priority ticket with all the necessary details, enabling the team to remediate the issue and enforce a new bucket policy. 

The insights provided by Varonis include:

  • A comprehensive description of the misconfiguration
  • The associated data store
  • The level of severity

These details can also be sent to workflow automation platforms like Tines, Zapier, or Workato for additional triage, communication, and remediation workflows, allowing your IT and security teams to address data security issues at scale quickly.

Integrate Varonis’ detailed security insights in your workflows.


Integrate Varonis’ detailed security insights in your workflows.

Notify teams of security incidents in real time and close communication gaps. 

Seamlessly integrating Varonis with communication platforms such as Slack, Teams, or Outlook allows you to automatically share Varonis alerts throughout your organization, improving visibility and collaboration for data security incidents.

When you need all hands on deck to respond to a data security threat, this integration is crucial in bridging communication gaps within an organization, promptly alerting the necessary personnel, and ensuring timely and transparent next steps.

Send Varonis’ alerts and security insights to communication platforms like Slack for broader visibility into data-centric insights.

Slack alerts-1

Send Varonis’ alerts and security insights to communication platforms like Slack for broader visibility into data-centric insights.

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Integrating Varonis with your broader security stack is quick and easy. You only need a simple webhook to get started.

If you want to see how Varonis’ enriched, data-centric alerts can help improve your overall data security posture, request a demo today.

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