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Varonis Opens Australia Data Centre to Support SaaS Customers

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Published April 11, 2023

We’re excited to share that we’ve opened a new data center down under to support our Varonis SaaS customers. 

Located in Sydney, this data centre will help Varonis customers demonstrate compliance with national data sovereignty rules and benefit from Varonis' world-class visibility, automation, and support. 

As a health insurance company, safeguarding our customers’ personal health information through data security is a top priority,,” said Dinesh Babu, Head of Information Security and Compliance at Teacher’s Health, located in Sydney. “We value the investment that Varonis is making in establishing a local data centre to help organisations like ours realise our data security objectives, as well as provide a lower total cost of ownership and greater level of capability 

The Australian data centre will help Varonis meet growing demand from the local market at a time when the proposed Australian Privacy Act amendments will place increased scrutiny and potential data breach fines on Australian organisations.  

“After doubling our team in the last year, Varonis is proud to announce we are positioned for further growth with our new data centre in Australia, which opens the door for organisations interested in adopting Varonis’ SaaS offering,” said Varonis Vice President of APAC Scott Leach.  

Our local data centre is live and available to new customers right now. Chat to us about how Varonis can help you protect your organisation’s data! 

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