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What’s new in Varonis: Jan 2024

This month brings you a fresh set of updates designed to improve your cybersecurity journey.
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Published January 31, 2024

This month, we're unveiling a fresh set of updates designed to improve your cybersecurity journey.

Our new functionality includes:

  • Snowflake coverage
  • Varonis universal database connector
  • Expanded Azure Files support (UEBA and least privilege automation)   
  • Data classification and labeling enhancements
    • File analysis for Exchange Online and NFS platforms    
    • New data labeling dashboard widgets
  • New monitored events in Microsoft 365  
  • A central page for managing threat detection policies
  • A new license information page    
  • A redesigned navigation bar 

Discover what’s new for Varonis customers in this quick four-minute video or continue reading for all the exciting details.  

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Varonis extends DSPM coverage to Snowflake.  

Varonis Data Security Platform now integrates with Snowflake’s data warehouse to provide enhanced coverage and data security for your critical Snowflake data and the underlying cloud infrastructure.

With Varonis for Snowflake, you can:

  • Gain a centralized overview of your data security posture in Snowflake and across your broader cloud environments and infrastructure.
  • Automatically discover and classify sensitive data that needs to be locked down and protected.  
  • Simplify complex permissions and easily remediate data exposure risk, including what users and groups can do with your critical data and where it is potentially overexposed, internally or externally, through excessive access and misconfigurations.  
  • Continuously monitor your Snowflake environment for abnormal or risky activity — such as data exfiltration to a public stage in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud — that could indicate a threat. Plus, you'll receive alerts in real-time. 

Frame 1405


Read more: How Varonis Helps Secure Critical Snowflake Data

Varonis universal database connector

The new universal database connector will enable customers to extend Varonis' world-class data classification engine to any connected database hosted in the cloud or on-premises. This expands on Varonis’ existing coverage of Oracle, SQL, Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.  

Varonis can integrate with any database that has a network connection and provide visibility.  

So now, if there is a database that you have been waiting for Varonis to support, the wait is over.  

Contact us, and we’ll get you connected! 

Expanded support for Azure Files

Our latest update adds our leading threat detection technology and automated remediation capability to Azure Files.

Varonis customers can easily understand and minimize data risk in Azure file shares across cloud and on-prem deployments:

  • Data-centric UEBA: Our behavior-based threat models detect abnormal activity proactively and can stop threats to data before they become breaches. Enriched logs with activity from cloud and on-prem apps are consolidated into a single interface, making investigations fast and comprehensive.
  • Least privilege automation: Varonis' least privilege automation policies effortlessly remove data exposure in Azure file shares from excessive permissions and stale accounts. We analyze where permissions are no longer needed and automatically remove them, keeping your risk low.

File analysis for Exchange Online and NFS platforms

File analysis lets you look inside your emails and NFS file shares and see exactly where sensitive data hits are found.  

Classification results are color-coded by category (e.g., all PII information will be highlighted with the same color, and contact information with a different color, etc.) for quick scanning. You can also easily filter the types of classification results you see.  

Varonis doesn’t store the contents of your emails or documents — we retrieve it for each analysis and delete it afterward to keep your data safe.  

Frame 1406-1

File analysis shows exactly where classification results are found within the message body.

New data labeling dashboard widgets

We have added several new data labeling widgets to help you better understand your labeling efforts and fix errors. New widgets include:

  • Labeled Files: See how many files are labeled in the monitored data source.
  • Labeled Files by Classification Category: View the number of classified files labeled in each category.
  • Labeled Files by Classification Rule: This widget provides a detailed view of labeled files according to classification rules.  
  • Files with Label Downgraded by User: With this widget, you can see files with labels changed to lower priorities by users.  
  • Mislabeled Files: Track incorrect labels over time.  
  • Files Mislabeled Manually per Label Value: View the number of files that were labeled incorrectly by users.
  • Files Mislabeled Automatically per Label Value: Reveal files incorrectly labeled by automated systems.  
  • Resolved Mislabeled Files: This widget showcases fixed labels across the Compliance, File Servers, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive dashboards.  

Frame 1407

New data labeling widgets track your labeling efforts and fix labeling errors.

New monitored events in Microsoft 365  

Monitor across Microsoft 365, including labeling-related events in SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and events on quarantined messages in Exchange Online.  

Gain real-time visibility into user activities that may indicate your organization is at risk and accelerate cross-platform security investigations. 

Frame 1409

Monitor across Microsoft 365 and gain real-time visibility into user activities. 

New threat detection policies page

Our new Threat Detection page serves as a central hub to provide you with comprehensive control over your policies. Gain a holistic view of all your policies, use filters to quickly locate them, and access detailed configurations by simply clicking to drill down.

Additionally, the policy page seamlessly integrates with the MITRE framework, mapping policies with MITRE tactics and techniques to help security teams better understand the alert. The policy page simplifies platform management by only displaying installed platforms and offers color-coded severity indicators for quick policy assessment.

Clicking on a policy within the Threat Detection policies page reveals a detailed side pane. Navigate through the policy tabs to gain insightful information about the selected policy:

  • Overview tab: Access policy overview information, including its description, supported resource types/platforms, and logic settings.
  • Logic tab: Configure thresholds, alert suppression settings, and policy filters. Easily view and edit policy exclusion conditions.
  • Response tab: Review policy response script configurations. The new auto-resolve option allows you to automatically resolve policy alerts to help reduce noise.
  • Notification tab: Customize your alert notifications by publishing via syslog or managing email recipients. 

Frame 1408

View information about the selected policies through easy-to-access tabs.  

New license information page

The new license information page, which is available to Varonis Enterprise Managers or System Admin user roles, provides you with a comprehensive summary of your Varonis license and status information.

That includes details such as the license expiration date, the platforms covered by the license, available quotas for daily events and monitored resources, a breakdown of daily resource usage and event numbers, and alerts indicating any license violations.

Frame 1410

A comprehensive overview of your Varonis license and status information

Redesigned navigation bar

The main navigation bar has been relocated to the left side, enhancing usability and accessibility. 

Group 1402-1An intuitive and modern navigation experience

See Varonis in action.

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For more information on this month’s new features, including release notes and how-to videos, visit the Varonis Community.

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What’s new in Varonis: Jan 2024
This month brings you a fresh set of updates designed to improve your cybersecurity journey.