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What’s new in Varonis: December 2023

This month brings you several new features to help security teams manage and secure their critical cloud data.
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Published December 19, 2023

This holiday season, we’re decking the halls with expanded DSPM capabilities! Our new updates will help you identify and protect sensitive cloud resources and maintain compliance with features such as:

  • Expanded IaaS support for Azure and AWS
  • SSPM configuration drift detection
  • Expanded Salesforce monitoring
  • New private cloud data collector

Learn more about these merry updates in this quick three-minute video, or keep reading for all the festive details. Happy holidays to you and yours!

Expanded IaaS support for Azure and AWS

Varonis’ IaaS coverage now extends to both managed and unmanaged AWS databases (RDS, EC2) and Azure Blob, giving you a centralized view of your cloud and data security posture. Discover where your sensitive data exists, uncover excessive permissions or misconfigurations, and monitor data for threats to improve your data security posture. 

Quickly visualize where your sensitive data may be at risk across your cloud ecosystem and where there might be gaps in your security posture with our new IaaS Dashboard. 

IaaS Dashboard-1

Varonis IaaS Dashboard

SSPM configuration drift detection

You can now compare your configurations against regulations and best practices like NIST, HIPAA, CIS, and ISO. See where your configurations drift from best practices to improve your SaaS security posture and maintain compliance.

Configration drift

Varonis configuration drift detection

Monitor Salesforce Sites and Community activity.

Varonis helps you gain key insights into your Salesforce Sites and communities, such as the creation date, assigned admin, and the number of users. Varonis also monitors activity to identify abnormal behavior and excessive access to detect potential threats to your Salesforce Org.

Site and community activities that Varonis can monitor include:

  • When new sites are created
  • If sites are activated or deactivated
  • When users are added or removed from a site
  • When guest user and site names are changed

Salesforce exposure reasoning and analysis 

To streamline exposure analysis and remediation, Varonis’ new reasoning capabilities help admins gain additional insight into how and why Salesforce data is tagged as exposed externally and publicly.

Salesforce Exposure reasoning

Quickly see how and why sensitive Salesforce data is marked as exposed.

Private cloud data collector

You can now deploy a private cloud data collector that allows for classification scans of AWS data to run within your AWS account. This helps reduce data transfer costs and enables compliance with data residency requirements.

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For more information on this month’s new features, including release notes and how-to videos, visit the Varonis Community.    

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