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Watch: Varonis ReConnect! Securing Office 365 & Teams

Data Security, Office 365

Office 365 and Teams make sharing information and collaborating with distant colleagues a breeze. But if you’re not careful, you’ll open yourself up to considerable risk. That’s because securing your data on a need-to-know basis is easier said than done. You’ve got to check off a long list of questions, like who can (and who does) access your data, what they’re sharing, and how they’re sharing it. Miss these details and your sensitive data could end up…well, anywhere.

Earlier this year, we held a virtual Connect! event focusing on Office 365 and Teams. In this video, Kilian and Brian recap the discussion and answer some of the best questions from our Connect! audience on the potential pitfalls and surprising complexities under the hood in Office 365.

👋We’re continuing to get a lot of great questions from IT and security folks in the field. If you have a question about securing Office 365, we’re here to help. Please click here to contact us.


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