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Varonis Opens UK Data Centre to Support SaaS Customers

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Published August 29, 2023
Last updated September 8, 2023
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Keep calm and your data strong! We’re thrilled to share the news that Varonis opened a new data centre in the U.K. to support our SaaS customers. 

The new London centre will help Varonis customers demonstrate compliance with the U.K.’s Data Protection Act, which specifies how organisations, businesses, and the government use personal information. What’s more, Varonis customers will benefit from Varonis' world-class visibility, automation, and support. 

"With Varonis' strategic launch of a U.K.-hosted SaaS tenant, we're not just enhancing our data security and compliance, we're building on our agility in the digital landscape," said Stuart Powell, CISO at the Government of Jersey. "This move resonates with our dedication to local regulations and our unwavering commitment to delivering value for our stakeholders."

“Our data centre paves the way for customers to adopt Varonis' SaaS offering," said Varonis VP and General Manager, U.K. and Germany, Mark Wilcox. "Our customers — from hospitals safeguarding patient data, to government departments and companies securing employee and customer PII — will be able to show that security logs and analytics related to this data are kept locally. Varonis' unprecedented visibility into data and permissions and game-changing automation will help customers ensure sensitive data is used responsibly."

Our local data centre is live and available to support our SaaS customers now. Chat with us about how Varonis can help you protect your organisation’s data! 

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