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Varonis Named a Leader in GigaOm’s 2023 Radar Report for Data Security Platforms

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Last updated January 16, 2024
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Varonis is proud to be named a Leader in GigaOm’s first-ever Radar Report for Data Security Platforms – receiving exceptional "five-star" ratings in data security posture management (DSPM), service integrations, enterprise stack integration, and activity monitoring and behavioral analysis. 

“With high scores across all of our decision criteria, Varonis is positioned as a strong Leader in our Radar,” said GigaOm Analyst Paul Stringfellow. 

About the GigaOm Radar Report 

The GigaOm Radar Report evaluates 12 vendors against several key criteria, including key features, emerging features, deployment model, and business criteria. Then, vendors are plotted in a concentric ring diagram. Companies that are and those who are placed closer to the center have a higher overall value.   

In this report, GigaOm analyzed Data Security Platforms, which they have seen an increasing need for as the size and complexity of data continues to grow. Interest in point solutions for data loss prevention (DLP), threat detection, access reviews, etc., is waning in favor of more holistic platforms that help organizations effectively identify, monitor, and protect their sensitive data. 

Varonis has long incorporated all three dimensions of data security – sensitivity, access, and activity – into our platform. Continue reading to see how our approach to data security earned us exceptional ratings for this report. 

Varonis is a “strong leader” 

GigaOm placed Varonis as the strongest platform in the evaluation with the highest possible rating in four of the seven categories, including: 

  • Service integrations 
  • Enterprise stack integrations 
  • Activity auditing and behavioral analytics 
  • Access reviews  

Gigaom Radar


Varonis also scored five-star ratings for operational efficiency and tied for the highest rating in ease of adoption. 

Varonis has a strong, longstanding reputation for data security, providing a wide range of powerful data security capabilities across many critical data stores, both on-prem and in the cloud.  

Our comprehensive platform continues to innovate and expand its capabilities to ensure organizations’ most valuable data is secured against ever-growing threats. 

The GigaOm report states that data is a core asset at the heart of business operations, and a potential compromise can significantly impact an organization. It also states that today’s Data Security Platforms should aim to consolidate tools and provide businesses with better insight while reducing complexity and risk. 

Exceptional five-star features 

Varonis received exceptional five-star ratings across the majority of the key criteria, including service integrations, enterprise stack integrations, activity monitoring and behavioral analysis, and access reviews. 

Service and enterprise stack integrations  

Varonis aims to be the only solution you need to find and secure data wherever it lives.  

The platform integrates with on-prem and cloud data stores, providing you with a single-pane-of-glass view across your data estate. As data continues to grow, Varonis is continuously adding new service integrations to ensure we can continue to identify and secure the most critical data across the enterprise. 

Integrations@2xVaronis Integrations

With the ability to connect to additional security tools like SIEM, SOAR, VPNs, DNS, and web proxies, Varonis integrates nicely into your entire security stack, providing a complete picture of your organization’s security posture.  

Activity monitoring and behavioral analysis 

Varonis’ decades of experience include building behavioral threat models that use machine learning to adapt and learn from each unique customer environment.  

We know how users typically interact with your data, build behavioral baselines, and then alert you when there is abnormal behavior.  

AWS Alert Daphne - w504pxVaronis alerts you when a user's behavior is out of the ordinary.

This method of threat detection not only helps security teams understand exactly what’s going on with their data, it is also highly accurate and doesn’t bog them down with noise. With automated responses, teams can stop attacks without lifting a finger.  

We also offer an expert team of incident responders, forensics analysts, and security analysts help customers investigate alerts.  

Our behavioral alerting combined with the Proactive Incident Response Team helps ensure we greatly reduce false positives and only surface and escalate real incidents. 

Access reviews 

As a key part of the platform, Varonis makes it simple to perform access reviews across your different data stores without having to be an expert in each vendor’s specific permission models. We simplify and normalize permissions and provide a bi-directional view of access.  

Quickly click on a resource to see who has access to it, what their permissions are, and if it has been shared externally or publicly. Easily go the other way by selecting a single user to see everything they can access and do across your environment. 



Employ Varonis’ least privilege automation capabilities to automatically and continuously reduce your blast radius and protect your most sensitive data from overexposure.  

Exceptional rating for DSPM 

The emerging features section of the report evaluates vendors on their ability to innovate and respond to a changing market as new technology and challenges emerge. Specifically, vendors were rated on how they are integrating AI into their platform and how they are tackling the need for data security posture management with their solutions.  

Innovation has been a key pillar of Varonis since day one, and we hold this principle close to our hearts. Our solution was created to fight the data security battle nearly 20 years ago, while many vendors are just starting to emerge. 

This philosophy earned Varonis a five-star rating for “Data Security Posture Management” – a category mainly filled with young startups. 

Varonis has always treated DSPM as a part of our Data Security Platform – to us, this isn’t new. We continue to expand our platform and provide new innovative capabilities that keep us at the head of the pack. 

Varonis innovation continues with the introduction of Athena AI, a new generative AI layer that enables our customers to conduct in-depth investigations with AI and streamline analysis using natural language. Users of all skill levels are transformed into formidable defenders.  

See Varonis in Action 

Ready to see our leading Data Security Platform in action?  Schedule a personalized, 30-minute demo with one of our security experts today! 

We’ll show you how our cloud-native solution can cover all your data security posture management needs and answer any questions. 

What you should do now

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