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Active Directory

How Can I Find Out Which Active Directory Groups I’m a Member Of?

Michael Buckbee

Michael Buckbee

The ability to administer and maintain up-to-date user lists and groups is critical to the security of an organization. There are a number of different ways to determine which groups...

Risks of Renaming Your Domain in Active Directory

Michael Buckbee

Michael Buckbee

As a sysadmin, there might be moments where you’ll find the need to change, merge, or rename your domain. Hopefully you name your domain well the first time, but there…

Best Practices for Naming an Active Directory Domain

Michael Buckbee

Michael Buckbee

When you’re naming domains, it should be planned as carefully as you would in naming your first child – of course I’m exaggerating – but it’s worth planning carefully.  For...

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