What’s new in Varonis: August 2023

This month brings you several new features to help security teams enforce Zero Trust across their cloud and on-prem environments.
Yumna Moazzam
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Last updated August 7, 2023

Ready for another exciting month of product updates? This month we delivered several new features to help security teams enforce Zero Trust across their cloud and on-prem environments.  

New features include:

  • Support for Azure Files  
  • Least privilege automation for Windows and CIFS  
  • More ways to remove risky permissions in Microsoft 365  
  • A Salesforce dashboard for monitoring your security posture 

Check out what’s new for Varonis customers in this quick two-minute video or read on for all the exciting details. 

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Azure Files support

Our latest update further expands Varonis’ extensive integration library by introducing support for Azure Files. With Varonis, customers can easily understand and minimize data risk in Azure file shares across cloud and on-prem deployments:  

  • Sensitive data discovery and classification: automatically find and classify sensitive data in your Azure file shares, see where it is concentrated and exposed, and prioritize remediation.  
  • Data access intelligence: see where data is accessible to too many people and remove access that’s not needed, limiting the blast radius of a potential attack.  
  • Event auditing: monitor SMB/CIFS shares, capture all the critical events you need, and — using enriched logs — accelerate cross-platform security investigations.
  • Risk dashboards: use the File Server dashboards to identify key risk indicators in each Azure Files storage account, then easily drill into the diverse analytics pages to further investigate them.  
  • Reports and saved searches: assess the organization’s security posture and assist with compliance reporting.  

Azure Files - Sensitive data classification - w789px

Easily prioritize risk by seeing where sensitive data is concentrated in your Azure file shares and where it’s at risk.

Least privilege automation for Windows and CIFS

We’ve added global access group remediation for Windows file shares and CIFS-based filers to Varonis SaaS! Effortlessly remove data exposure from excessive permission sets like the “everyone” group and domain users. Varonis determines who needs access to data and who doesn’t, and then automatically replaces high-risk groups with tightly-managed groups — reducing your blast radius without interrupting business.  

Easily clone and customize our pre-made policies to fit your organization’s needs and choose to run least privilege automation on demand or continually. Select the schedule and approvals, and least privilege automation will take care of the rest.  

More ways to remove risky permissions in Microsoft 365

We have added several new automation policies to help you continuously eliminate data exposure from risky permissions in Microsoft 365.    

New least privilege automation policies include:   

  • Removing direct permissions for dynamic groups
  • Removing direct permissions for organization-wide groups
  • Removing direct permissions for public groups
  • Removing direct permissions for non-organization users
  • Removing membership of disabled users from “specific people” collaboration links
  • Removing membership of users with a predefined domain from "specific people” collaboration links 

Learn more about least privilege automation for Microsoft 365

Salesforce dashboard

The new Salesforce dashboard provides a centralized overview of your Salesforce security posture, enabling you to visualize where your sensitive data may be at risk and where technical debt is building up.  

Monitor your Salesforce Orgs with key risk indicators, including:

  • Overexposed sensitive records
  • Open misconfigurations sorted by severity
  • Guest user access
  • Users assigned a toxic combination of permissions  

Drill down from these widgets to begin remediating risks and cleaning up technical debt across your Salesforce Orgs.  

Salesforce dashboard

Easily assess your Salesforce security posture with an intuitive interface.

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