What's New in Varonis: April 2024

Learn more about Varonis for Microsoft 365 Copilot, our latest security posture reports, and the features of our new MDDR service.
Shane Walsh
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Last updated May 1, 2024
What's New in Varonis: April edition

This month, we unveiled updates designed to help you safely adopt and manage the use of Microsoft 365 Copilot, easily track configuration drift, and discover new ways to detect and investigate threats.

Our new functionality includes: 

Discover what’s new for Varonis customers in this quick three-minute video or continue reading for all the details.


Introducing Varonis for Microsoft 365 Copilot 

Varonis for Microsoft 365 Copilot is a new add-on that builds on our existing Microsoft 365 security suite and features new capabilities to monitor Copilot data access in real time, detect abnormal Copilot interactions, and automatically limit sensitive data accessible by both humans and AI. 

Varonis for M365 Copilot's rapidly growing features include: 

  • Copilot posture dashboards: Get a real-time view of sensitive and regulated data exposed to Copilot users, see usage trends, and track how much sensitive data is accessed by AI. 
  • Copilot policy automation: Get your Microsoft 365 environment ready for a successful Copilot rollout, safely eliminating massive amounts of data exposure in just days. 
  • Copilot monitoring and forensics: Capture all Copilot interactions, including which files are referenced in prompt responses, in our centralized and searchable audit trail. 
  • Copilot threat detection: Our user behavior analysis (UEBA) engine factors in Copilot activity and notifies customers of abnormal or suspicious Copilot interactions with sensitive data. 
  • Athena AI integration: Use Athena AI's SOC assistant and natural language search to easily investigate and resolve Copilot-related security incidents. 


Answer questions like, "How many people are using Copilot?" or "Who are my Copilot super users?"


Policies that are designed to help ensure Copilot readiness and ongoing security are marked with a "Copilot Remediation" badge.



Access Intelligence UI helps you quickly pinpoint what sensitive data is exposed to certain users via Copilot.


Using behavior-based rules instead of static triggers reduces false positives and alerts.

New security posture reporting 

Varonis released new security posture reports that help organizations track and report on resource-level configuration drift and security posture changes.

These reports allow users to track all the configuration drift within their environments in one exportable report, and build on our existing capabilities to combat configuration drift in your environments

Resource Level Misconfigs

Review all security posture misconfigurations within a single exportable report.

Discover and classify data in IBM DB2. 

Varonis’ world-class data classification capabilities now extend to IBM DB2 to help you discover and classify sensitive and mission-critical data across your database instances.


Discover and classify data within IBM DB2 databases.


Locate instances of IBM DB2 databases across multiple platforms.  

Varonis MDDR is now available. 


Varonis’ newest service, Managed Data Detection and Response, combines our threat detection technology and automation with our team of threat hunters, analysts, and incident responders to investigate and respond to threats 24x7x365. 

Varonis MDDR features include:

  • Unique data-centric telemetry: Track sensitive data to determine if sensitive information was accessed during a breach and detect threats beyond APTs, including insiders and data exposure.
  • AI-powered threat detection: Our AI combines data security with UEBA to automatically assess, triage, and respond to threats without having to involve our customer. 
  • 24x7x365 coverage: Our global team of data security experts and incident responders continuously stops threats to protect your sensitive data.
  • Industry-leading SLA: Varonis MDDR offers a 30-minute response for ransomware attacks and a 120-minute response for all other alerts. The service also includes proactive threat hunting and monthly security assessments to ensure your data security posture is always improving. 

See Varonis in action. 

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For more information on this month’s new features, including release notes and how-to videos, visit the Varonis Community.

What should I do now?

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