Varonis Leads DSPM Market on Gartner Peer Insights

As a leader in data security, Varonis is proud to be rated No. 1 in Gartner’s Data Security Posture Management category. 
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Last updated June 19, 2024
Gartner DSPM ratings for Varonis

Gartner Magic Quadrants are great for many reasons, but there’s nothing quite like hearing feedback directly from customers. Peer Insights is Gartner’s customer review platform, where verified customers can rate and share their experiences with the software they use.  

With an emerging market like data security posture management (DSPM), which is full of many early-stage companies, peer reviews can be crucial in helping buyers understand how these solutions live up to their promises. As a leader in the data security space, Varonis is proud to be ranked No. 1 in Gartner’s DSPM market on Peer Insights.  

The overall delivery of this product is beyond anything we've seen from a vendor. From the product's usability to the vendor communication and touchpoints, the entire process has been a pleasure.
– IT Security Analyst in the services industry. Read the full review.

An established player with a holistic approach 

Since 2005, Varonis’ focus has always been on protecting data. We’re one of a handful of public cybersecurity companies (Nasdaq: VRNS) and the only one with a data security focus. Varonis has a long history of following the data — starting with protecting on-prem file servers in the early 2000s and steadily expanding data coverage as technology evolves.  

Over the past few years, we’ve accelerated our SaaS and IaaS coverage, rapidly adding new data domains like Salesforce, AWS, Google Drive, and Box to our already deep coverage for collaboration platforms like Microsoft 365. 


VaronisDSPDiagramVaronis Data Security Platform 


Varonis’ ability to protect data across hybrid environments amidst a landscape where most DSPM vendors can only cover cloud data is one of the reasons thousands of customers trust us to defend their data. Most enterprises have data both on-prem and in the cloud and need a unified approach to protect it. Buyers benefit from a comprehensive platform, especially during times when businesses face pressure to do more with less. 

Varonis is the strongest and all-embracing security platform that no one else offers. This is a one-stop shop. I have actively and passively used many other platforms claiming to be competitors. I don't think that exists.
– Data Analyst in the government sector. Read the full review.

What sets Varonis apart in the DSPM space? 

Varonis’ experience is far from the only reason we lead the Gartner Peer Insights DSPM market. In addition to a powerful Data Security Platform, Varonis provides robust support to ensure customers get ongoing value. 

I've had the privilege of using Varonis for our data security needs, and it's truly transformed the way we safeguard our sensitive data. Varonis offers an impressive solution that exceeded our expectations. It's a powerful ally in our battle against data breaches and insider threats. With its intelligent data analysis, real-time alerts, and excellent support, Varonis is a strategic partner in our journey to safeguard critical information.
– Information Security Officer in the healthcare industry. Read the full review.

Posture that goes beyond finding to fixing 

With the rapid adoption of cloud technology and the mounting risks that come with it, it’s no surprise that the DSPM market is booming. Organizations need to know where their sensitive data exists, control who can access that information, and monitor that data for threats.  

While many early-stage companies in this space have helped provide visibility into cloud data, few — if any — have been able to offer a scalable way to protect that data. Posture management, in Varonis’ eyes, means more than just knowing what risks exist — it means fixing the risk.  

With the explosion of data growth, particularly now with generative AI, intelligent and automated posture management is the only way security teams can stay ahead. Varonis uses automation throughout our Data Security Platform, including: 

  • Discovering and classifying sensitive data 
  • Mapping and visualizing access to data 
  • Safely removing excessive access and reducing the blast radius 
  • Closing attack paths like misconfigurations and third-party apps 
  • Detecting and automatically responding to sophisticated threats 
Best in class product, visionary leadership. We have gotten access to all levels of the organization (up to the co-founder) and product development when needed. We made great strides in data remediation over the past 12 months that no other tool could have performed.
– Director of Cyber Program Delivery and Security Architecture in the healthcare industry. Read the full review.

With the help of our automation, security teams can actively detect attacks and proactively limit potential damage. Remediation projects that typically take large teams years to complete take just days with Varonis. Data security posture management must include the ability to mitigate risk, and at Varonis, we know automation is essential. 

Robust threat detection and response capabilities 

Many DSPM vendors are in the early stages of developing their threat detection and response capabilities. They provide basic alerting on things like configuration changes or data stored in the wrong location, but they don’t understand how data should be used and when rogue behavior could indicate a threat. 

Varonis’ decades of experience include building behavioral threat models that use machine learning to adapt and learn from each unique customer environment. We know how users typically interact with data, build behavioral baselines, and then alert based on meaningful deviations. This method of threat detection not only helps security teams understand exactly what’s going on with their data but also is highly accurate, so it doesn’t bog them down with noise. With automated responses, teams can stop attacks without lifting a finger. 


CleanShot 2023-10-27 at 08.23.53Varonis' AI-powered threat detection will stop threats in their tracks and alert you to suspicious behavior.


The automated alert response is invaluable. I also like the analytics and the robust search options available during an IR investigation. The support from the sales staff and engineering staff is unsurpassed. It is easy to manage with a limited staff like in our district. With low FTE numbers in my organization, the staff augmentations provided by the support and sales staff is invaluable.
Network Manager in the education industry. Read the full review.
In addition to our world-class behavioral threat detection, Varonis provides added support from an expert team of incident response and forensics experts to every customer. The ability of Varonis’ team to proactively monitor and investigate alerts on behalf of our customers means that their data is protected, even when they don’t log into the platform.  

This added cybersecurity support and expertise is unparalleled in the market and highly valued by our customers. It's one of the many services Varonis provides on top of the platform to automate security outcomes for our customers.

Thadeus Monrose, Cybersecurity Administrator at Cheney Brothers, Inc., shares how Varonis brings him peace of mind and fills security gaps.


A commitment to customer success 

Beyond the strength of an established platform, customers choose Varonis because of the depth of support and resources included with their subscriptions. These services go beyond what smaller companies can offer and demonstrate the commitment Varonis has to customer success. 

Varonis has not only streamlined administration but also helped cut costs by replacing other redundant tools. Its centralized data security capabilities, coupled with data discovery, DLP, and classification, provide a comprehensive and efficient solution.
– Security Architecture Manager in the transportation industry. Read the full review.
Our Proactive Incident Response team is made up of world-class security and forensics professionals who will not only assist customers with any investigation but also perform containment, eradication, and recovery. Our escalation team performs deep forensic analysis, reverse engineering, and APT analysis.  

Other free SecOps services include alert tuning, external attack surface analysis, and our Cyber Resilience Assessment. Our assessment stress tests customers’ defense against the latest adversary tactics and tradecraft. Outside of SecOps, we offer complimentary optimization sessions for classification, cloud security, and remediation. 

Our proven methodology for starting a data security and governance program from the ground up, known as our “Operational Plan,” has been used thousands of times with customers of all shapes and sizes and continues to be refined year after year as new data security challenges evolve. 

DSPM as part of a Data Security Platform 

There’s a reason Varonis is No. 1 not only in the Gartner Peer Insights DSPM market but also in the Insider Risk Management and File Analysis markets. A strong DSPM vendor needs deep functionality that’s part of a broader Data Security Platform that can help achieve multiple outcomes. We see a trend in the start-up consolidation of standalone DSPM tools into more extensive portfolios, and we expect to see this trend continue with other point solutions, such as SaaS security posture management (SSPM).

Customers who want a long-term partner to help them navigate the changing needs of data security choose a platform like Varonis, which is established, strong, and built to help them quickly adapt and respond. 

Experience what it’s like to work with the leader. 

Ready to improve your data security posture? Our cloud-native platform takes just minutes to install and provides data security insights instantly. Book your demo todayto see Varonis in action and try our platform for free. 

Reviews have been edited to account for errors and readability.

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