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Varonis Joins Salesforce AppExchange

The Varonis Data Security Platform can now be found on Salesforce AppExchange.
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Published December 14, 2023

We’re excited to announce that the Varonis Data Security Platform can now be found on Salesforce AppExchange. Joining this powerful ecosystem strengthens Varonis’ partnership with Salesforce and gives enterprises the tools and knowledge they need to protect their Salesforce data.

Together, Varonis and Salesforce customers can trust that their mission-critical Salesforce data is safe and secure, without hindering business objectives. 

Upholding a shared responsibility model

At the root of this partnership is a shared responsibility model for data security. Salesforce employs security-by-design for its infrastructure, but it’s up to the end user to implement the correct security controls and best practices to keep their critical data safe from threats and breaches.

Varonis helps organizations uphold their end of the shared responsibility model by providing real-time visibility into their Salesforce data security posture, ensuring only the right people have access to crown-jewel data, automatically remediating misconfigurations, and detecting suspicious activity.

Enhancing data security and maintaining compliance

Our partnership with Salesforce helps customers establish robust data protection, security, governance, and strong compliance practices.

Varonis integrates with and enhances Salesforce Shield, providing powerful threat detection and investigation capabilities that help ensure your sensitive data remains secure and compliant with data privacy regulations.

By pulling in Shield’s activity, Varonis generates a human-readable audit trail and enriches events with important context, such as data sensitivity, user details, and related events.  

Cross-cloud audit trail  Perform cross-cloud investigations with Varonis.

Our ready-made alerts ensure that even a junior security analyst who has never used Salesforce can investigate threats and resolve incidents with ease. 

Salesforce AlertDetect and investigate threats with Varonis’ ready-made alerts.

Now, our customers can rest assured their critical Salesforce data is safe from cyber threats and unlock the full potential of their CRM data without fear.

Bridge the gap between Salesforce and security teams.

Varonis enables organizations to bridge the gap between Salesforce admins and security teams. Security analysts can gain a clear view of where sensitive data exists across Salesforce, who has access, and how the data is used.

Security analysts can also quickly understand where sensitive Salesforce data is at risk through excessive permissions, public exposure, and misconfigurations — without having to rely on the Salesforce team to help with analysis.

Varonis provides Salesforce admins with a solution to radically simplify permissions analysis, showing you not only what someone’s net effective permissions are but also how they got them — down to the object and field level — helping reduce technical debt and maintain a hygienic Salesforce environment.


Salesforce permissions

View net effective Salesforce permissions from a single screen.

Find Varonis on Salesforce AppExchange.

Head over to Salesforce AppExchange to learn more about how Varonis can help you identify and protect your Salesforce data, and request a free trial today!

What you should do now

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