Varonis Achieves "In Process" Status for FedRAMP® Authorization

Varonis announces "in process" status for FedRAMP® authorization, continuing to provide robust data security solutions for agencies and public-sector organizations nationwide. 
Michael J. Wallace
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Last updated June 27, 2024
FedRAMP In Process

Varonis is pleased to announce a significant advancement in our commitment to protecting federal government data — reaching "in process" status for FedRAMP® authorization.

This designation is provided to cloud service providers actively working toward a FedRAMP authorization, the standardized approach to security assessments, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services used by the federal government. 

This achievement underscores Varonis’ dedication to providing robust data security solutions for agencies and public-sector organizations nationwide. 

The importance of securing government data 

Cyberattacks are a constant threat in today's digital landscape, and securing government data is imperative.

Most organizations have security controls everywhere except their data, so insiders and attackers who bypass the perimeter can inflict massive damage. A single, successful breach can render agencies powerless, leaving sensitive government data vulnerable to unauthorized access and exploitation.

At Varonis, we understand the gravity of this responsibility. Our innovative, cloud-based Data Security Platform continuously discovers and classifies critical data, removes exposures, and detects threats to agencies and public sector organizations. 

We focus on several key pillars: 

  • Granular data classification: Varonis helps agencies identify, classify, and prioritize their most sensitive data based on its importance, with built-in policies driving compliance, governance, and protection. We continuously scan your cloud and on-premises data stores with a vast library of built-in and custom classifiers, and our incremental scanning ensures you can classify your entire environment efficiently, scanning only new or changed files. 
  • Access intelligence: Get a real-time visual representation of identities with access to sensitive data and understand a user’s blast radius based on their effective permissions, not just entitlements. 
  • Proactive threat detection: Our continuous, real-time user activity monitoring allows us to identify suspicious behavior and potential data breaches before they occur. Our incident response team mitigates threats before they escalate into major incidents.

As a result, our government agencies and public-sector organizations can drastically reduce the likelihood of a data breach, all without manual effort. 

Why Varonis is the unparalleled security partner for federal agencies 

At Varonis, we support hundreds of unique agency security missions, helping our public-sector customers secure their data and protect against threats.

Our security solutions address the many needs of federal agencies: 

  • Zero-Trust architecture: Achieve Zero Trust maturity with a data-centric security platform and approach. Varonis automatically identifies sensitive information and monitors data activity with a complete audit trail of events to help you learn where your most valuable agency data is at risk and how to begin securing it. Varonis fulfills agency data pillar requirements around Zero Trust, finding, labeling, and automating policies on your agency’s most sensitive assets. 
  • Unparalleled data security: Our industry-leading Data Security Platform safeguards sensitive data from unauthorized access, both unintentional and malicious. Varonis uses powerful analytics and automation tools to enforce least privilege and enable downstream DLP, allowing agencies to protect data sets at the source instead of relying on legacy perimeter tools. 
  • Insider threat protection: Varonis proactively mitigates the risks posed by insider threats through advanced user activity monitoring and real-time anomaly detection. A powerful UEBA engine logs and analyzes every user interaction and AI-powered threat models detect anomalous behavior and automatically take action against bad actors. 
  • Simplified compliance: Varonis simplifies compliance with complex federal regulations such as NIST800-53, OMB 22-09 21-31, DHS CISA ZTA, and DOD CIO. Agencies can run compliance reports to show auditors where regulated data lives, who can access it, and who has been accessing it, and automatic rules enforce policy and practice based on agency compliance frameworks.
  • AI-powered security advantage: Accelerate AI adoption with complete visibility and control over AI workloads and tools, such as Copilot for Microsoft 365. Varonis helps you deploy AI securely so you don't leak sensitive information. Automatically revoke stale or excessive permissions without interrupting business.  

See Varonis in action. 

Varonis is proud to be a trusted partner to federal agencies, and achieving “in process” status for FedRAMP authorization is a testament to our ongoing commitment to data security excellence. We look forward to continuing to support our federal customers in their mission to secure sensitive government data. 

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