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It’s Here! The 2019 Global Data Risk Report Reveals Every Employee has Access to 17 Million Files

Data Security

If you could take the temperature of data security risk at more than 700 enterprises around the globe, what would you find?

Every year, Varonis gives the world a behind-the-scenes view of enterprise data security by peering into on-premises, cloud, and hybrid data IT environments.

For this year’s report Data Gets Personal: 2019 Global Data Risk Report from the Varonis Data Lab we analyzed a random sample of 785 Data Risk assessments to uncover how exposed companies really are. Our analysts crunched the numbers and examined 54 billion files for this year’s report (that’s nearly 10 times the number from last year).

What did we find?

Out of control Active Directory? Check.

Sensitive data open to everyone in the company? Yes.

Stale sensitive data? Affirmative.

The list goes on.

Here are just a few key findings from our 2019 report:

  • Every employee can access a whopping 17 million files.
  • 53% of companies had at least 1,000 sensitive files open to all employees.
  • 22% of all folders were accessible, on average, to every employee.
  • 38% of users had passwords that never expire, up from 10% last year.
  • 40% of companies had over 1,000 enabled, but stale, “ghost” users.
  • Retail organizations had the lowest number of exposed, sensitive files and seemed to do the best job of protecting their data overall.
  • Financial services firms found the most exposed, sensitive files overall.
  • Healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech firms found the most exposed, sensitive files in each terabyte that they analyzed.

Read Data Gets Personal: 2019 Global Data Risk Report from the Varonis Data Lab

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