Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)

Discover, map, monitor, and protect data wherever it lives. Varonis' #1-rated DSPM is the only solution that automatically remediates risk, enforces policies, and detects threats in real-time.

  • Cloud-native
  • Automated
  • Broad coverage
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Partner with the leader in data security.

Forrester’s report states "Varonis is a top choice for organizations prioritizing deep data visibility, classification capabilities, and automated remediation for data access."

You found sensitive data, now what?

Most DSPM solutions discover sensitive data but can’t tell you if it’s exposed or under attack. The result? Stalled projects and partial visibility. Varonis is different: we focus on outcomes, not findings.

Comprehensive coverage

  • File storage
  • SaaS apps & email
  • IaaS & databases

Automated remediation

  • Remove excessive permissions
  • Fix risky misconfigurations
  • Apply labels and enforce DLP policies

Award-winning threat detection

  • Alert on abnormal behavior
  • Automate threat response
  • Get 24x7x365 MDDR coverage

Automation was one of the huge factors. Our security risk in general is 10 times lower than it was before. 

Cameron Gray
IT Security Operations Manager

Data discovery and classification

Battle-tested in complex multi-petabyte environments for militaries and Fortune 100 companies, Varonis gives you complete, current, and contextual data classification. Integrate with Microsoft Purview to apply labels and enforce DLP. 

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Access intelligence

Know who has access to your sensitive data at all times. The Varonis access graph factors in entitlements, group memberships, sharing links, muting permissions, and more, giving you the most accurate view of data risk on the planet.

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Data detection and response (DDR)

Get a searchable forensic audit trail of data access activity, permissions changes, link sharing, email send/receive, authentication events, and much more. Varonis builds a behavior baseline for every user and responds to threats.

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Compliance management

Measure your data security posture against common frameworks and regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, NIST, and ITAR. Ensure compliance with accurate out-of-the-box classifiers, policies, activity auditing, and reports.

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One platform for multi-cloud, SaaS, and on-premises data.

Varonis protects enterprise data where it lives — in the largest and most important data stores and applications across the cloud and behind your firewall.

Ready to see the #1 Data Security Platform in action?

Ready to see the #1 Data Security Platform in action?