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Scality Ring

Secure your Scality Ring environment with industry-leading data visibility and protection.



Scality Ring is a scale-out hybrid cloud storage environment that enables users to store, access, and manage multi-petabytes worth of data in a single distributed system. Protecting the vast amounts of ever-changing sensitive information stored and accessed on Scality Ring can prove challenging with built-in security capabilities alone.


With Varonis, you can automatically identify and visualize where your most valuable data is at risk across the billions of files and folders stored on Scality Ring, track how data is used, and proactively reduce overexposure.

Reduce sensitive data exposure.

Varonis crawls your Scality Ring permissions structure and creates a bi-directional permissions map so you can easily ensure only the right people have access to data, simulate permissions changes in a sandbox, and revoke unnecessary access without impacting the business.

Keep a full log of Scality data access.

See a consolidated, human-readable log of every file and folder action, including permissions changes. Easily correlate events from Scality Ring with activity from Windows, Active Directory, VPN, and Office 365. Use your audit trail to investigate security incidents, find lost files, and prove compliance.

Lock down your most important assets.

Remediate excessive access within Scality Ring and protect your valuable data from threats like malicious insiders, ransomware, and APTs.