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Secure your Cohesity SmartFiles environment with industry-leading data visibility and behavioral analytics.

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Cohesity SmartFiles is a data-centric storage platform that allows users to efficiently store and access data with limitless scalability. Identifying and protecting the vast amounts of sensitive information accessed and stored at this massive scale can prove challenging with built-in security capabilities alone.


With Varonis, you can automatically identify and visualize where your most vulnerable data is at risk across the billions of files stored on Cohesity SmartFiles and proactively reduce overexposure. Transparently monitor data activity and log a complete audit trail of events to understand how users access and use data so you can detect the early signs of threats.

Classify and lock down sensitive data. 

Automatically and accurately classify sensitive data living in your Cohesity environment. Map permissions to see where sensitive data is overexposed and automatically remove excessive access.

Rapidly detect and respond to threats. 

The Varonis AI proactively detects threats, like ransomware or malicious insiders, by flagging abnormal user behavior in Cohesity and across your other data stores.

Optimize storage costs.

Minimize storage costs by monitoring data usage activity. Create policies to automatically move stale data to less expensive storage.